Age 26 – Positivity increased, Connected again with my emotions, more confident

semen retention coupled with porn avoidance, for me, makes things that never happened happen, I am extremely observant about small changes, I’ll list some:

  • I looked at myself at the mirror, my look is not anymore absent, my eyes are more bright, more open, more alive, more expressive, I could look inside my pupils in the mirror, I was not anymore intimidated to face my soul, that’s me, simple, what were you worried about? what was all that pressure about? look, you’ve got nothing to hide anymore, you’re alive again. This self acceptance is one of the most powerful Wins you can gain with yourself.
  • I got a date on sunday, I was about to text a girl I’ve never talked to, she is extremely confident and have a lot of guys that would like to meet her, then, out of nowhere, I thought it’s just the wrong move, so I just call her instead without any line in mind to say (90% of the guys text her and wait for approval), psychologically for me it was like a jump without parachute, It was pure honest human-interaction, I noticed I was not the usual guy lost in insecurity, Instead I was competing with her on who’s in control, so I decided where and when to meet, she had just to say yer or not, she said yes 😉 . It was all natural, there is a man inside you that knows instinctively how to treat a woman, you just put him in prison with all that porn and semen expenditure.
  • Connected again with my emotions, that must be what being really alive is like, had wet eyes when I was randomly looking banksy’s graffiti in the palestine barrier, (the one with the girl flying up the wall with those air balloons
  • Listening music in the morning is more rewarding
  • can remember my dreams again! and the quality of sleep is WOW
  • Enjoy expressing my sexual power in the form of deep voice and super-direct eye contact, no bullshit
  • Positivity increased
  • Girls/Ladies sit near me more often, yes, I could really tell the difference, I look more approachable

LINK – positive weird NoFap effects I was not expecting , my list

by Ori_553