Age 26 – Reboot took 3 years: No more ED, anxiety, sweating or panicking.

I haven’t seen or read more severe cases on here than mine. It’s official.

  • No more anxiety.
  • No more ED.
  • No more sweating and panicking.

It has taken me since November of 2011 (October 27, 2014) with zero porn to finally get over this. Masturbated maybe 3-4 times in the last 3 years, and had lots of rewiring. LOTS. I didn’t believe I would actually be over this but I’ve had no problems since July so I feel like it’s time to say I’m over the hump. And this took a long time of SOLID recovery. I don’t bull crap things in my life and have unwavering discipline and it still took my years to be comfortable with sex again. Most of you are in better situations so know you’ll heal quicker.

Gentlemen, stick with it. It works.

Don’t expect raging boners by seeing outlines of butts through girls jeans. It will work when it needs to and that’s the actual test. Libido, I’ve found, is a quiet hum that drives you towards women and people. It’s not this sexual desire of lust. It’s a passive strength.

Stay hard, keep busy, and stay away from artificial stimuli. I do best when I stay immersed in the real world (talking to people, reading books, exercising) and avoid facebook, Internet, TV, movies etc. stay strong and motivated, this stuff works.

Thanks to Gary. And everyone who reads this. We are a community. We struggle together and succeed together. Continue to encourage one another. We need more success stories on here and every single one of you can be writing one. Best of luck all. I already don’t come on here much (this place can eat you alive sometimes) and I will only be here a little bit to answer questions.

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[Responses to questions]

I’m 26. I had issues develop at 20 with not being able to achieve an erection with a girl. Problems continued until 23 when I stopped watching porn and masturbating.

I am now able to have sex successfully, different positions and the duration has been getting better. It was a very gradual process. There were a lot of times when it seemed like things weren’t working and getting worse, even with me doing the right things, but I stuck with it because I knew PMO was the culprit.

I actually didn’t feel like things were normal until July this year. That was nearly 2.5 years of struggling while doing the right things. I want to emphasize that I was a severe case, so I don’t want to discourage anyone from looking at how long it took me to recover. Be encouraged that you will get to normal eventually and every step in the right direction brings us closer to our goals.

I went cold turkey on porn in Nov 2011. I had three streaks of absolutely no PMO, each being between 80-90 days. While I never looked at porn, I had orgasms with girlfriend (hands) every month or so. Erection quality slowly got better, but hands seemed to be detrimental as it brought back anxiety and brain fog etc. It took a while for me to eliminate brain fog, anxiety, sweats, and low confidence levels. I noticed after each orgasm, these symptoms would return for two weeks at a time. It wasn’t until July when these hang over durations would decrease, first to a week, then half, now none. Orgasms through sex actually leave me feeling enhanced, not depleted.

I think it’s good to avoid orgasms completely for a short time, but I think if 90 days can weaken pathways to porn, it would also weaken pathways towards real girls.

I’ve been in a relationship with an amazing girl. I told her this a couple of months into our relationship and she was very understanding and patient. Besides a few streaks of no PMO, I orgasmed about every month. The frequency slowly increasing in the last year to once every two weeks and then weekly. Currently (I haven’t tried more) I am able to have sex two-three times when I see my girlfriend on the weekends. It was a very slow and gradual increase in the frequency.

I would recommend listening to your body and not your mind. My mind wants it all the time, but my body just can’t handle it (or couldn’t in the past).




PIED –> Successful sex

February 18, 2013

It worked.

I don’t think I can quite explain how far I’ve come in terms of response to sexual intimacy and stimulations.  It is a very deep and personal experience where all of the details from the past and present culminate into a final understanding where I’ve ascertained myself.

I will describe this as best as I can.

My introduction to pornography began like most of you starting with softcore images at a young age near 11-12.  By the age of 15 I got dopamine highs off of videos downloaded from Kazaa.  At 17 I had my first real long-term relationship with a beautiful and young girl.  At this time, porn was still never a priority in my life and would be the occasional fix for my teen-hormone-driven self.  I was able to have sex on a whim and whenever we desired (near multiple times a day). 

It was around the age of 19 where the frequency of porn use escalated, due to the ability to stream, to multiple times a day with PMO.  Sex was never enough to satisfy me.  It took about an entire year of everyday abuse of porn when I started to develop ED.  My erections would hover around 60-70% and never good enough for penetration.

I blamed the ED on not being attracted to my girlfriend (I told her this verbally).

I blamed the ED on being nervous  (I definitely wasn’t nervous.. who doesn’t like sex?!).

I blamed the ED on alcohol if I had drank any (alcohol had only made me hornier in the past).

I got to the point where I was streaming videos in 5 different tabs.  I was unable to masturbate to porn, with lube, and with total fantasy.  I couldn’t achieve an erection by myself.

After going to 3-4 different doctors over 4 years, after numerous failed attempts at sex with multiple different girls, the fourth doctor recommended me to this site.

To recap really quick:

  • I lost all sensitivity in my genital region.
  • I had no pleasure from orgasms.
  • I was unable to masturbate myself because of PIED.
  • I was unable to have sex without any stimulants because of PIED.
  • I had failed sex attempts in numerous relationships.
  • During this time for all of the failures, I was fapping to porn multiple times a day.

During the reboot:

It was very difficult to do NO PMO with a significant other.  The temptation to break the orgasm streak is extremely high and it is the most crucial boundary to not break.  The first two weeks were hard as my libido was raised far above what I was used to. 

I flatlined in the second week (if I remember right) and had it for about 2-3 weeks.  My personal opinion is that the flatline is the easiest part because you have no drive and don’t desire to masturbate.  The only difficult part about a flatline is that you don’t feel normal.  I felt emasculated.  I felt panicked that my penis wasn’t responding.  I felt afraid that the no PMO would waste my time.  STICK WITH IT.  It gets better.

4th-5th week my libido went raging.  It was important for me to keep waiting and not falling for the fake libido.  I will note that I did not touch myself during this entire reboot.  No edging and no manual stimulations to check to see if I could make myself hard.

I’m going to skip the details because I have a journal that documents my everyday journey.  Go read that if you want to daily libidos and feelings.

What we are all waiting for…

The day of successful sex.

On day 76 of no PMO, I wasn’t feeling the raging libido like the teenage days.  I have had some sensitivity down there and since day 48 or so, I was able to achieve erections from making out.  My gf and I were making out and I was hard.  We did some foreplay and one thing led to another.  It just felt right.  I wasn’t throbbing hard, but I was definitely hard.  We have had no expectations for this to work, but we put the condom on (usually I’d go limp) and she entered from on top. 

Before this reboot, sex was horrible.  I’d insert in and orgasm in 2 pumps because of this PIED. This time, I lasted for about 4 minutes and we both orgasmed. The orgasm itself wasn’t intense at all.  It was pleasurable but not like the teenage days of explosive orgasms.  I believe it will get better as time goes on.

My worry was that I would flatline again or that I would be set back and lose some sensitivity.

We had sex during the daytime of day 76 and for the rest of the night I could tell that I had lost some sensitivity down there.

The following day majority of the sensitivity returned.  I didn’t try any makeout or anything because I was too nervous that I had set myself back.  On day 78, we were cuddling and BAM, I got rock hard again.  Today, the entire morning and afternoon I spent with her, I was able to get erect from cuddling/kissing.  I didn’t want to test another orgasm because I feel like it’s too soon to have multiple within a few days but it was nice to know I still have a lot of sensitivity down there. 

Please ask as many questions as you guys want.  I will reply with honestly and more details.

KEEP UP NO PMO!  It works, gentlemen.  Although I don’t feel 100% back, I know that I can perform when I need to.  Until I am 100% back, I am going to minimize orgasms and just continue with the no PM.

LINK – 11 weeks and success. (My quest for overcoming PIED)

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