Age 26 – Way more energy, Conversing is much easier, Less objectification

Hi everyone,

I feel like I should say a little bit about hitting the 90 day mark, to say thank you if nothing else, since without NoFap I would probably still be clueless and jacking off.

Firstly, and as everyone is already saying, it’s completely worth it. I feel way more comfortable in my skin. Talking to women, and men as well, is much easier. More and more I say what I mean and mean what I say, consequences be damned.

Secondly, my view of women is slowly moving away from sexual object/desirable goddess to fellow human being, deserving of respect and common decency same as me or anyone. It makes for easier, more honest relating.

Thirdly, I have waaaaay more energy. I quit smoking, began exercising, read more, do more and hesitate less. Simply put, my life is more enjoyable. What can be better than that?

So, thank you, everyone.

But, I don’t think the 90-day mark is by any means the end. My mind and body are still detoxing and rewiring, and in a way 90 days feels like another beginning.

So stay strong!

LINK – 90 Day Report

by innerdrift



No problem. I’m 26, been a total PMO addict since discovering porn at 11. For a while it got pretty bad and at some point I started having performance anxiety in bed. I would cut back on PMO whenever it got too bad (I don’t remember where I learned about the correlation, must have read about it somewhere.) It helped, but I’d inevitably relapse because I didn’t firmly commit. This time’s been different. Anyway, hope this helped somehow. Good luck man!