Age 27 – 113 days, admire women much more, think more clearly

I had this written a while ago but never posted.


27 year old male. Started watching porn around 14 y/o. Probably fapped everyday until college. College I had moments where I would still watch porn but not masturbate. It gave me motivation to get girls but it would be a week at a time that was my longest (I would usually get a girl and then go back to fapping) I graduated college at 23 and for the last four years I’ve been focused on my career. Before starting NOFAP I was on a 1+ year dry spell. I was moving into a new apartment and wanted to change my habits in this new place. I watched the TED video and 90-day challenge and decided to take on the NOFAP challenge.


My goal for NOFAP was to rewire my brain. I wanted my brain to reward me for going out and getting girls and not sitting at my computer chair and opening up a porn site. I knew that if I was rewarded by sex for my actions I would repeat those actions again. Another goal was to control this addiction I didn’t realize I had.


I decided to track ejacts; for science 🙂

Day 0 – FAP

Day 1 – Start

Day 9 – Go out alone

Day 11 – Heavy urges

Day 14 – bj sex handjob (girl 1)

Day 17 – hookup no O (girl 2)

Day 26 – wet dream

Day 29 – three bjs (girl 1)

Day 38 – hookup no O (girl 2)

Day 40 – wet dream

Day 43 – wet dream

Day 44 – hookup no O (girl 3)

Day 49 – bj sex (girl 1)

Day 56 – three sex (girl 3)

Day 57 – sex (girl 3)

Day 61 – wet dream

Day 62 – two sex (girl 4)

Day 66 – handjob (girl5)

Day 67 – two sex (girl 5)

Day 68-82 – Daily sex (girl 5)

My experience with NOFAP has been AMAZING. The first two weeks were extremely difficult. I had heavy urges but I would counter those urges by going out to meet women. It forced me to go out alone (which is normally something I’m nervous to do). I’ll admit I was still nervous but I was MORE HORNY LOL! That weekend I met the two girls I would later hook up with (girl 1 & 2). My habits started to change and I was a lot more successful with women. Girl 5 is now my girlfriend. 🙂


I’m in a happy healthy relationship. I appreciate and admire women more than I use to. I have more time to read/work or whatever. I think more clearly. I don’t have a desire to go back to watching porn or masturbating. Life is good.

Just wanted to share with NOFAP in hope to inspire others. Be safe fellow fapstronauts!

LINK90-day Report

by AboveThee