Age 27 – 140 days: Delayed ejaculation. May still be in a flatline

I tried NoFap successfully for 140 days, here’s what I got out of it. I’m into the paleo diet and in the same vein of eschewing modern hyper-stimuli in food, it made perfect sense to abstain from modern pornographic visual stimuli and the fapping that comes with it. I’m a 27 year-old straight male with around 12 past sexual partners and never really had any issues with sex except for the fact that it takes me a ridiculously long time to orgasm through oral and some few instances of condom-induced ED (COINED) with someone new. I had my first orgasm spontaneously after watching some porn when I was 14 years old but even then never became a serious consumer. I’d watch mostly conventional stuff, sometimes leaning towards “female-friendly” type, and masturbate about 3 times a week. No history of premature ejaculation either.


  • The first 30 days or so were quite amazing. I felt “on” and “wired” and would notice women a lot more. I thought it was great so far.
  • My voice seems to have gotten way deeper and sexier.
  • I finally am able to orgasm from oral sex within a reasonable amount of time. Intercourse sex never posed a problem but with oral it would take me up to 30 minutes and only if I really concentrated. With NoFap, it was over within 5 minutes or less and felt amazing.


  • At first, I also noticed way more female attention. One of the first social events I went to I literally had girls bumping into me to talk to me. I was kind of stunned. I initially attributed this to NoFap but after getting off (heh) of that, I’m still getting a lot of female attention. Hence why this is a shrug because it doesn’t seem related.


  • The flatline sucked. I started dating a really sweet girl about 30 days into it but my penis just wouldn’t respond. I broke up with her because of it but then got back with her and tried to make it work. We only successfully had intercourse if she put the condom on for me and at the time I just attributed it to condom-induced ED. It was pretty fucking depressing but I read the FAQs and figured I’d give it more time.
  • When we DID have sex, I did not last very long. Previously I’d be able to have sex for 10-20 minutes with no issues but now I’d often not last beyond 2-5 minutes. That was also quite depressing.
  • After a while I finally figured out a pattern to the flatline. Within 3 weeks of nofap, my libido would be raging but then drop off almost completely after that. I figured this out after I broke up with my girlfriend but then found myself taking this girl home 3 weeks after that. She was totally into it but my dick was completely dead. She didn’t want to hang out after that. Even when I wasn’t with a girl, I would only rarely and weakly get spontaneous erections. I wondered if I was cursed with something.

After that last incident I started thinking more about NoFap and reading about “healthy masturbation” on YBOP, I finally decided to break off the experiment. It’s still unclear to me but the best that I can gather is that I shouldn’t nofap for longer than 3 weeks because after that my libido goes into hibernation mode. NoFap for a significant amount of time also seems to drastically reduce my sexual stamina because of how sensitive I become. I broke up with NoFap because I wasn’t getting many benefits from it and would openly trade-off with my old habits. It seems like I do need to fap from time to time to maintain a healthy sex drive and functionality because now my erections are back in both intimate encounters and spontaneously. Everyone is different it seems, but everyone should at least try a 30 day challenge to see what comes with it.

I also don’t see how modern pornography can help anyone, I think it’s distracting and “unmotivating” so I will continue to abstain from it. Nowadays I fap only with prospects and ex-girlfriends in mind and also eased off the deathgrip. I probably will abstain entirely during a relationship to see what it’s like but fap as needed.

I think the final word is to keep in mind how different everyone is. I think I had a “healthy” relationship with porn and masturbation. I only did it about 3 times a week and my tastes never varied into extreme territory (I even found anal to be a turnoff most of the time). I recognize that some people take porn utilization to a greater degree and NoFap is probably best for them. I think pornography is generally a negative but I can see how people can safely use it. I don’t see anything wrong with masturbation though, unless it’s a compulsive gateway back into addictive pornographic habits. Fap on.


  • Pros: Deeper voice, lots of focus and concentration, & euphoria at times.
  • Cons: Apparently ED and PE since I can’t think of any other explanation. Non-existent libido at times. Major depression and feelings of inadequacy as a result of these symptoms.

Lessons: Everyone should try at least 30 day challenge. Porn is most likely bad. I see nothing wrong with non-deathgrip and non-compulsive (more than once a day maybe) masturbation.

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140 Day Experiment Report

 by acetic_acid