Age 27 – 400 days: my way of seeing the world/life has evolved tremendously

I haven’t really been posting about my nofap journey. So today I just decided to post and show it to the world, for once! It’s actually my first streak. After I broke up with my girlfriend, I decided I should just stop porn, I couldn’t really articulate it but I knew deep inside that it was fucking me up.

Anyways, once I decided to take that decision, I didn’t even try to do a “one last porn session”, I just installed K9 parental control, and went with it. So far it’s working.

The beginning was totally awesome, I felt like I had super powers the first 2 months. I scored girls very regularly during that time. Then I got a serious girlfriend, and I can say that nofap definitely improved my life, sex-life included.

I did experience quite a long flat line, which was one of the scariest thing I went through, for those who’re experiencing it: it gets better, don’t go back to porn to “make sure” you can still get excited.

Now this is where I’m trying to get all philosophical. I have no idea what’s due to this nofap thing, but I can definitely say that my way of seeing the world/life has evolved tremendously during the past year. To put it in a nutshell : I now understand that instant self-gratifications (such as porn) are a trap. Everything has a price, and “easy” pleasures add up in the end, in one way or another. The same dynamic exist in the other way : “suffering” regularly (studying new concepts, working out, doing hard things, working) is the only way to positive changes.

There are actually a lot of stuff that can be said on nofap and the realization that one must avoid easy instant gratification on every level, but I can’t really articulate clearly and will probably save it for another post…

Anyways, thanks to the nofap community. I’m very happy I found this subreddit, keep the good work.

LINK 400+ days. Just wanted to tell it to the world.

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UPDATE – 791 days, I think I’ll stop here

Just a small post, I made it to 791 days so far. To be honest I think I could go one for longer, but I don’t want to reach a point where I don’t even dare anymore to jerk off. Anyways, message to all the new comers: it’s worth it. Do it. It goes far beyond just masturbation. It’s hard to link what came from this experience and what didn’t, but I’m very different from when I started. In a good way, well, in a deeper way let’s say. I’ll never know how much it changed my life, but I’m very thankful to have found this community more than 2 years ago.

Stay strong brothers!