Age 27 – 80 days: I am more human, more confident, absolutely no anxiety or awkwardness.

I can’t believe I’m actually on 80 days. Though my disbelief is not that I thought I could never do it..but more along the lines of…meh, the number of days is no longer of any great significance. I seem more focused on getting things done and actually living life as opposed to accumulating days on nofap.

I guess going 80 days makes you more human, you are more engaged with people, with life’s ups and downs..and for some reason the women just cant get enough of me. I no longer have to try so hard to be suave, I just smile much more easily, barely any nerves whatsoever, and when I do get nerves, I usually recover very well.

It’s strange really, but my porn urges are gone, cant remember last time I thought of watching porn and wasn’t even interested. Almost all women are quite attractive to me now..but funny enough. I obviously don’t just go for any but only the best..and so far 3 women have taken me out, they’ve paid, they’ve asked for the date and I’ve made out with a couple.

I think it’s just the general confidence I have now. I no longer even have to force myself to remember body language rules, it just comes naturally now. I naturally want to work out about 5 times a week, so you can imagine how I look now.

I don’t even think twice about social gatherings anymore, absolutely no anxiety or awkwardness. I’m very aware of these developments hence the man I’ve become is too valuable for me to even contemplate relapsing. I’m very happy.

Just had to check in after a long time. NoFap is no longer the main point in my life. But this is where my recovery started, and I think I should continue updating everyone and hopefully be an inspiration to those starting out.

LINK 80 days and beyond.

by laidbackbrother