Age 27 – 90 days: Personal growth, reflections on sex and relationships. Mild ED cured.

If there is something to be learnt from the success stories on NoFap I think it is that sex as showed in the mass media is bullshit. The second thing to be learnt is that sex as a whole is like food, the more you use it, the less pleasure you will be feel out from it (so practice it, but not too often; don’t be consumed by it).

First, I wanted to say that I am really happy that I was able to beat my addiction for 91 days. I must say that this forum has been a great support to me in many ways. The stories of other fapstronauts have often resonated with experiences in my own life, and they have made me think about the meaning of so many things. The way we have shared our struggles and the resulting knowledge have been worth the hours I have passed reading this forum. These last few months have been a real journey for me. Thanks a lot fellow fapstronauts!

If there is anything I regret about this forum is the lack of more information from women fapstronauts and other women interested on the PMO issues (specifically on how they affect relationships between females and males; and how they affect our determination to pursue our dreams).

I do think that a couple can accomplish much more in life than a person alone. Indeed the opinion and support of your SO can be of great help during the times were great effort is required.

During the last few months of my life (3-5 months) I have finally realized that I want to socialize more, read books and continue learning. I have also realized that hobbies are a great way to share life experiences with others… Personally I find my self with a great love for the outdoors and nature in general. Unfortunately, part of my new objectives pass through procrastinating less time in front of the computer, thus: I am sorry to say that I will be reading less posts in NoFap. Sorry guys. I hope that the newcomers start sharing their experiences starting posts, and start interacting actively answering to other fellow fapstronaut’s posts (please, force yourselves to visit r/NoFap/new/ every now and then).

And third, (this is probably the most important) we have to stop objectifying women. My belief is that a great part of women expect to be objectified, and somehow are OK with it; they have just come to accept it for a fact. Don’t let this contradiction make you accept the situation [,that objectifying women is the right thing to do,] for a fact!! It is awfully wrong! I must say that (though I am still young and uneducated to this way of thinking) learning to value women beyond their looks is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Pr0n had so badly affected my mindset towards women… I hate it for it!! I will probably almost never watch it again (the exact wording of my commitment can be found on my comments, or you can ask me about it).

I hope that many of us manage to commit our lives to a path of personal growth. And always remember! Every pleasure in life can become tasteless! I am currently determined to continue on the NoFap challenge for as long as I can. I hope that the time when I relapse won’t happen to be.

Stay strong brothers!

LINK – I made it! Just wanted to share some thoughts about the NoFap challenge.

by lewis_therin