Age 27 – Better concentration. Less anger. My life has purpose and I’m sowing future success. Developed interest in others’ success.

Excuse my English. I’m in day 31 now. The happiest month of my last years (maybe in the last thirteen years). I’d like to share the benefits I’ve experienced during this month in order to encourage every soldier that, like me, is battling against this horrible addiction.

1. Easier to wake up earlier. I’ve been trying to get up two hours earlier for three years, and I reached nothing. I think now I have more energy and I need less rest. My goal is to wake up 05:30 – 6:00am, not to work but to read, pray and meditate. My method? I’m programming my alarm two minute earlier every day. You know, baby steps. Try it, it’s resulting for me.

2. Better concentration while studying. No interruptions from fantasies.

3. Less anger. I think that controlling PMO will result for everyone who reach it in self-control in every matter of life (exercise, food, emotions, business decisions). Not that if we leave PMO we would have guaranteed success, I mean, controlling PMO is a training field for self-control in other matters.

4. Alertness. Being aware about my weakness and infirmities and being committed to strength those matters of my life.

5. An amazing sensation of freedom every morning when I Wake up. This is the best part of my day.

6. Knowing that the day I’m living has a specific purpose and I’m sowing future success.

7. Better performance while training. I think I’m keeping more energy for useful matters.

8. Developing interest in others’ success and wellness. It’s a big thing to notice that being self-indulgent produces a selfish lifestyle. Everything revolves around I, me and myself. It’s all about ‘my pleasure’, ‘my time’, ‘what I like’, ‘how and when I like’. But now, I’m fighting against ‘I, me and myself’, that leads me to encourage others that are part of this community. I really want they can experience what I’m living. It’s not all about me. The purpose of this freedom and benefits that come with it, is to serve others. I’d consider this the major benefit.

LINK – Benefits after my first month of NO PMO

by Sanc-Hos