Age 27 – Better sleep. energy & confidence. anger & stress way down, appreciate women

hey fapstronauts!

male 27, single. i am true lurker, don’t really post. just enjoy reading ppl progress, stories, achievements. i became aware of this nofap about 2 years go. all through reddit community nofap.. spent alot of hours into researching about male anatomy, spirituality, nofap, illusion of porn, in general anything that can connect the dots..

i failed many times, its a journey, of self awareness, understanding your weakness, strength, knowing how to overcome and take control of your body and brain. i also ad streaks of 7 days ..research theory of peek testosterone spike levels..that kinda motivated me to abstain. i knew i had low level test- and always been beta male type due to porn and lost of precious semen in my anyhow i manage to go thru 7 days phases, then gradually beat 14 days 30 days. took me 2 years to finally hit 90 days hardmode..

my experiences: benefits.

  1. wake up is easy. sleep pattern is self auto awake no alarm. quality sleep the best when on nofap.
  2. energy levels. feels like your indestructible, less yawning.
  3. motivation optimistic mentality sky high.
  4. confidence is key. nofap will give you alpha male confidence! or at least triple the version of ur fapping self.
  5. women do stare at you. women do look back at you. women do get intimidated by you.
  6. compliments left and right from strangers.
  7. you feel appreciated for all women, no judgment,
  8. you want to be loved, and share your love for a women,
  9. negative emotions rarely show up, anger, stress, etc..
  10. willpower , defeating your scum bag porn brain, rewiring the chemicals in your brain, balancing out the hormones,
  11. hard wood every morning.
  12. life is great, financially situation is great wen nofap .

i don’t know why i decided to relapse after 90 days hardmode,i think its cause i didn’t know what to do with this achievement, i had so many sexual urges thought patterns were constantly go get laid, go get my excuses is imma clean my pipes, rebuild rejuvenate my precious semen, am i upset ? no really… were not perfect.. failing makes u stronger what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. i truly believe porn is no longer in my interest. my brain doesn’t like to watch porn.. no excitement anymore. i want real connection with women.

for your curiosity, i relapse on a nude picture .and some viewing of a women pleasuring herself. soft stuff. none of that bang bang bang artificial degrading scenes..

back to day one! take care fapstronaut!

LINKNoFAp lurker, accomplished 90 days hardmode. quick summary. M/27. Relapsed.

by vegan_nofap