Age 27 – ED: 10 years without sex – now 7 months of daily sex without issues

I’ve been a member of the site since March or April 2013 and it has been a big help to me. I did post an initial success story when I first started having sex again in April 2014 but I can now confirm I’m well and truly rebooted.

Quick backstory – lost my virginity pretty young (16) then i was in a long term relationship which didn’t involve sex due to issues the girl had from her childhood – as well as that I was masturbating daily in the shower although porn use was fairly light at this point. Since then I had a lot of one night stands but they usually involved a lot of alcohol so I would blame poor erections on that. There was a few occasions where very little alcohol was involved which did concern me a bit but again I put it down to nerves, plus I had some anxiety from all the previous failures which would constantly build on itself.

Around January of last year I didn’t really have any girls in my life and my porn use was becoming addictive, staying up all night, PMO’ing multiple times – genuinely worrying behaviour. The porn was also getting stranger much like what a lot of people here describe.

As soon as I found this site I went through a 90 day reboot, erections became spontaneous through the day and was genuinely wired to girls again but i still had issues getting and even more difficult maintaining strong enough erections for sex. One girl told me I must be gay because I couldn’t get an erection for her – I never for a minute thought that was the case but it was a hurtful thing to be told.

I went on a binge again and have did another 90 day reboot since then but kept falling into old habits.

Finally having successful sex in April 2014 I did use viagra for a few weeks as a confidence boost (divided the pill into 4 parts and would take 1/4 per session) but realised it was becoming a crutch and stopped that. I did have a few times near the start where I wouldn’t get an erection but the girl was fine about it.

I would say by July of this year I felt completely ‘normal’ or even beyond normal where we were having sex 4 times a day and i was getting constant erections. It has slowed down a bit since then and I notice stress in other areas of my life to be my main issue now but I can successfully have good sex on a daily basis.

Summary – 10 years without sex, around 1 year of unsuccessful reboots and now 7 months of daily sex without issues. The main thing for me has been rewiring with a girl I care about. Part of my issue may have been anxiety as well as PIED so that was a big help. This has hung over me for so many years now with so many doubts about what was wrong with me but these reboots do work!

Stick with it guys!!  

LINK – Returned to report success 7 months later

November 23, 2014



EARLIER POST – Re-focusing on what’s important

September 06, 2013

Well, I’m back (JohnnyFive originally, couldn’t remember my login). I went 147 days NoPMO and 90 Days no MO

Original Journal: “Success” story:

Was MO’ing around once a week since the 90 days finished but just with imagination. However, moved to a new area where I don’t know anyone and through boredom and loneliness I started getting into the same bad habits I had earlier in the year (although not as extreme). Signed up to dating site (creeping on girls), MO’ing to porn daily the last few days and had to get a grip of myself before it becomes an issue again.

So here I am! Ready to be held accountable. Feel like I’ve lost a lot of the benefits I gained back then by allowing myself to MO and generally willpower seems low recently.

Going to re-do the 90 days and keep everything on track, wish me luck!