Age 27 – (ED) A 3-Year report

zebrasMy sexual experiences in college were horrifying… total inability to have any kind of erection while making out, etc., very low libido. I didn’t know what was wrong with me but I knew it wasn’t good. I was aware of being completely unable to relax my PC muscles when I would be with a girl. Of course, I could masturbate quite easily… and did so very often, usually with visual aid. From around age 22-24 I stopped all porn and then masturbation.

Now I have not a trace of any kind of ED. I am now just kind of disgusted when I see pornography, even scantily clad women on magazine covers… boring! Hard to believe it ever had any effect on me. I am very sexually healthy now and have very strong, long lasting erections with very little encouragement necessary.

I can’t think of anything I’ve done for my own health and well-being that tops giving up porn and masturbation. It is soooo totally worth it. Not that you should never touch yourself again… I find the male deer exercise to be one of the best ways to wake up in the morning. Definitely read all you can about PC muscles and make it priority #1 to become very well acquainted with yours… it’s very important to cultivate a lot of awareness of any and all tension in your pelvic floor and all sensations there related to sex/masturbation (which is why it is important not to fantasize while masturbating!)

You just have to get completely out of your head when it comes to sex- no fantasy! Be present and relaxed… preferably with a loving partner.

It is definitely possible for someone who was a virgin and porn user for so long (age 13-21 for me) to completely reboot. It is definitely possible to reboot while refraining from masturbation but still having sex with a partner… though I would advise limiting your ejaculations when you do.

I couldn’t have a responsive erection until I was almost 22… which is hard for me to believe now! Now I feel more like I felt at age 13—nervous that I was going to get an erection if I touched a girl. All it takes now is a little brush of my wife’s hair. And it keeps getting better and easier the more I refrain from ejaculations. At this rate, I suspect that I will reach my full potency around 30, which is really much more useful than hitting it at 17!


by tornfromabook