Age 27 – ED cured. 107 days: the little dude is still alive

I thought I’d comment on how the process went for me during the first three months.

For probably the first month and a bit I was suffering from almost a complete flatline. I really started to think that I was not getting over this. It was very stressful because I’m moving in with my girlfriend in Oct., and it would have sucked to have this problem at that time.

Because of the flatline I was tempted to use porn to see if the little dude was still alive, but I remembered what was important: I wanted to be able to have normal sex with my girlfriend. Obviously, in order to do that I had to stick to my guns and finish the re-wiring of my brain in the 3-month challenge. This knowledge is what kept me going. I’d much rather have real sex than watch some 2D images on a computer monitor.

I did reach a low point too during the flatline. I actually stopped my girlfriend in the middle of making out because I was sure I wasn’t gonna get an erection! OMGWTFBBQ!!1 What kind of 27-yr old dude does this? It’s amazing the tricks your mind can play on you. Obviously this brought the question. She asked if I was still attracted to her etc. (I am still very attracted to her).

Things started getting better around the ~2 mo. mark. One day we started making out and my friend ‘performance anxiety’ stopped by again. This time, however, I decided to let things run their course. Our foreplay was shorter than usual, so suddenly we were in business. I didn’t bother looking for a condom or taking her top off as I was erect and didn’t want this to go away! Haha

So it was done, and let me tell you that it was a huge confidence boost, and my buddy ‘performance anxiety’ got pissed and said he didn’t want to see me again. (I really hope I don’t)

Fast forward to the last week of the challenge. We took a trip to NYC for a week, so I was really hoping there were going to be no issues. I was a little nervous, to be honest. THERE WERE NO ISSUES! Just wonderful sex! I leveled up so I put all my experience points in confidence, because I think this is the most important thing you need to overcome this.

After this, I’ve been having wet dreams, random erections in the middle of the day, etc.

Today, on my 107 day I woke up in the middle of a sexy dream and I just had to finish it off manually so I guess I can reset my timer.

Let me tell you, as long as you keep yourself preoccupied with other things while you are online, and in real life this 3-month challenge is achievable and more than worth taking. I do not want to go back to pr0n.

LINK – Feedback on 3 month process! (My story)

by el_fefes