Age 27 – ED cured: 115 days, but I jumpstarted with Levitra

I’m 27 years old and you should consider my fap story as a worst case. It has taken 115 days to get rid of my addiction. Here is a small story and some tips which helped me.

I started with nofap-september, found a GF at about 75 day. We jumped in bed on 2nd date and I found myself without actual sexual desire and with ED. I explained to her what was wrong with me, she understood and we started trying to fix me. The problem was that everybody was saying somthing like: “give it some time to rewire your brain, just cuddle, kiss, and things will change naturally; dont use drugs” ( But in my case, it did not help.

And it was the hardest time for me – waiting for the rewiring… So, I had 2 problems. To fix my sexual desire, I started to eat aphrodisiacs. They helped, but I became more desperate – I wanted to f**k her, but was not able. And a week ago I said to myself – “fuck this shit” and bought a pill of levitra. Had a great sex with her that night and finally, yesterday, had sex without pills. My brain was able to connect dots and solved the equaction (sexual desire + horny naked girl beside -> erection).

Now, some tips.

  1. Don’t open any NSFW links during 90 days. I’d even recommend to switch off all pictures in your browser, install ADBlock and not watch to any videos with possibility of naked body exposure. Also, dont open any suspicious links – I got my second urge by some wierd japanese ads, which had not even been tagged NSFW!
  2. Print the motto “USE IT OR LOSE IT” with ~60 font and stick it above your computer at home. When u get up in the morning, u will see it. When u have an urge – just look there.
  3. To fix sexual desire, eat aphrodisiacs. I eat nuts,ginger and honey 2 times a day. The thing is that u are used to get aroused by VIDEO mostly, but in bed with lights switched off there is nothing to watch at 🙂 After rewiring, you wont have to eat them that much (at least, I think so).
  4. Use sexual drugs if u have an ED in bed (after 90 nofap days). I’d recommend levitra – I had no side effects from it, just little higher blood pressure than normal.
  5. I had strong unusual headaches started at about 100th day. They took place 2-3 cm above right ear, lasted for several seconds for about 5 days. It looked like actual rewiring process 🙂
  6. here is a motivational picture for you

Be strong. It’s fixable.

LINKI’m cured.

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