Age 27 – ED cured: I look at women with respect, I am happy & feel like a real man again.

First, let me tell you all this is my last post ;)  I have no idea on what day I am at. I stopped counting a while ago…I don`t know why. I just didn’t`t care anymore about the number :D If I look back, I decided for the no PMO after I fooled around with a beautiful young woman and couldn’t`t get an erection. Nothing at all.

I came home, angry, scared, maybe even devastated…cooled down, went on the web and started searching. I couldn’t`t understand why I could get a normal erections with porn. I had sex with women before, and I really liked this woman. I mean she is hot. I was healthy, there were no drugs, alcohol…involved, so there should be no problem, right?

Well after few days of searching the web, analyzing everything, reading “every” article on YBOP I found my cure. It was simple: no PMO whatsoever…and I did, and I am still doing it.

Let me just tell you it is the best choice I have ever made. For example, I get aroused by a simple kiss from a woman. The touch itself is amazing, holding hands,…everything is just so different now. I walk down the street with my head held high. I look people directly into their eyes. I talk with confidence. I don`t back down anymore, and what inspires me most is that I now know what I want in my life.

And now positive effects:

  1. I need less sleep
  2. Morning wood is as hard as steel
  3. I feel happy about my life
  4. I enjoy in nature, listening to birds, looking at sunsets, looking at the ocean, just thinking,…
  5. I am stronger, faster, healthier, happier
  6. I look at women and respect them as human beings, they stoped being sexual objects for me
  7. I can get an erection only by touching myself – felt strange first :D
  8. My emotions are under control, no more crying, anger, sadness
  9. I feel like a real man again, I feel alive

Negative effects:

  • I have no idea, if there are some, I don`t care ;)

For all of you who are trying this method out and can`t pursue it, trust me, it is worth every bad moment in the process. Everyone can do this, no matter how hard it is. And don`t take shortcuts, you just have to go one day at a time. You need to get healthy, get healthy; you need to start loosing weight, start losing weight; you need to stop smoking, stop smoking; you need to stop PMO, stop PMO! ;) it`s that simple, you just have to do it. No one else is going to do it for you. It`s your body and your life ;)

There are limitless options a human body is designed to do. One of them is making love to a real partner, a woman, a man, whatever you desire is. But our bodies and mind were not created for masturbating in front of a screen. There is life out there, go and grab it!

Good luck to all of you, and thank you for your support ;) Goodbye everyone ;)


by weightlifter