Age 27 – ED: healed quickly, but lots of sex through me into a flatline

 So in May my girlfriend and I started having so much sex that my porn use dropped to one instance in 5 weeks; for 3.5 of the 5 weeks we were having tons of great sex.
On the sixth week I started flatlining, but since this before I found YBR/YBOP I had no idea what this meant. I freaked out and started viewing all my favorite kinds of porn like crazy. For most of July, neither she or the porn could get me fully hard. With a lot of effort and blowjobs I was able to fuck her a few times throughout July but these were much shorter sessions were difficult. By the end of July I was reading YBOP/YBR stuff and so on August 1st I quit PMO entirely and have been succesful in not relapsing.

So on Thursday night my girlfriend is so stressed about my lack of libido and erection quality that we are having frank conversations about if our relationship works. Conversation ended okay and we actually had a decent sexual session in which I was able to get hard with a bit of stimulation and rubbing from her and almost make her cum during intercourse. The next night, we have a similarly easy time getting me hard and we have a simultaneous orgasm while she rode me which was a first for me and frickin’ awesome. The next night I make her cum via intercourse twice, then I cum in her (condom) and make her cum again with my hand – this night I really felt great: it was a pretty easy process to get me hard and I stayed in the game for multiple rounds and it was just fun and hot.

I still am not as horny all the time as I was before the flatline. Mentally originated erections take much longer than before. I am not getting hard throughout the day and even the erections with which I’m fucking my girl, while strong, don’t seem to me to be as strong as they were pre-flatline. She is still doing more of the initiating; it’s awesome that I’m responding pretty easily but I know she’ll want me to be horny and hard enough to initiate again, probably soon. I would like to as well.

So while I’m not 100% back I am not sure that I will get 100% back as I am 27 now….or is that silly? Is it reasonable to think, given that two weeks of no PMO has me out of the flatline, I could get back to 100% of my former libido/erection quality?

What do you guys think of the fact that my flatline was accidental in the sense that I didn’t quit porn so much as I just reduced it in proportion to sex with my partner which lead to a flatline followed by a cold turkey approach to PMO for two weeks (2 weeks and 4 days now)? I still don’t know whether to say my flatline was 7 weeks or 2 weeks. It was 7 weeks I was having problems getting it up; only two weeks of actually quitting PMO while experiencing a flatline….

Lastly, my most important question: to continue the recovery should I give the constant sex with my girlfriend a rest (we’ve done it every night since Thursday with the exception of Sunday) or is the constant sex only good in that it’s helping me re-wire?

Bottom line for those seeking inspiration though: i most definitely feel and am reaping the benefits of improvement after just two weeks of NO PMO.


LINK – after a 7 week flatline, lots of sex in the last 5 days

BY – Hippenis


UPDATE – Did sexual exhaustion make me vulnerable to PIED?

I’ve bropught up my story in several threads but I really wanted to discuss this angle:

I didn’t even consider myself addicted to porn, just a dude with a girlfriend who wanked it a couple times a week (almost invariably the one or two nights a week that my girlfriend didn’t come over). When I was single I wanked it once or twice a day to porn. In May/June when my girlfriend and I fucked everyday on a hotel vacation, I used porn once in an over 30 day period and a week after our return from vacation I flatlined. I don’t know if there’ll ever be a way to know for sure but all I can hypothesize is that the nigh-elimination of porn from my schedule sent me into a flatline as if I “gave up” porn in May/June when the reality is I was just having so much sex that porn was squeezed out of my schedule.

Some friends have told me the real factor here is that my girl and I had a CRAZY amount of marathon sex right up until the flatline. Their theory is that left me just sexually tired for a couple days, which made my girlfriend upset, which made me freak out and psychologically self-induce a panic about ED. They think the seven weeks of flatline I experienced in late June, all of July and part of early August is all due to me freaking out about a couple days of exhaustion.

I’ve sene Gary Wilson smartly shoot down the “sexual exhaustion” theory but I’m wondering about a hybrid idea: that SE and PIED both exist and can co-exist.

Is it possible that being sexually exhausted for a couple days made me tired and vulnerable to PIED because of squeezing porn out of my “diet”?

Is it possible that my 7 weeks of intense flatline was caused by pysching myself about ED?

Are these different ways of saying the same thing?

I’ve been able to have sex pretty easy again since 2 weeks into quitting porn entirely ( I did look at the Upton/Lawrence leaks but I didn’t wank to them and haven’t looked since) and masturbation almost entirely (masturbated two different times after hot sex with my girl that kept me thinking about it).  Now I’m 40 days in and my incidental erections are starting to come back. So these queries aren’t like urgent, but I’m still scratching my head as to how I found myself in this situation because porn wasn’t dominating my life like a lot of the stories I read here; and that’s not an insult to anyone, I’m just saying my story strikes me as different from a lot of the ones I read.