Age 27 – ED just about cured. Death-grip played a big role.

Hey everyone. I thought I would submit my story because this place has helped me so much but I haven’t contributed anything. Hopefully this will help someone who also has ED.The best advice I can give is that stopping PMO works. Once you realize it is actually the solution and that your issue is 100 percent curable, stopping should not be a tough choice.

Basically I first started watching porn and going onto sex chat rooms at 14. Had very limited sexual partners and actually only lost my virginity at 24. On average I would PMO daily and at its worst it go to 2-3 times a day. Sometime I would edge for hours, like literally 8hours before I finished. I finally started to build up confidence to talk to girls and just be myself around women at around the age of 26. This is when disaster struck, I was with a beautiful girl naked in bed and I could not get hard enough to have sex. I knew something was wrong because I found this girl gorgeous yet I could not get it up.

Anyway this really devastated me. I went to the doc who said to just take Viagra and that it was just me being nervous. I took Viagra which had absolutely no affect. My brain was desensitized, I didn’t have a blood flow problem to my dick, it was completely in my head. So a drug that targets the penis is useless. I spiraled into a mini depression for months after this and I was wondering if my dick would ever work again. Finally I found and began to realize that I was either suffering from PIED or had lost sensation from the way I was masturbating (the death grip). The fact that a google self diagnosis was what helped me, and trained medical professionals cannot is concerning.

My No PMO experience: I could go into heaps of details, however in short, after only 19 days of abstaining I was able to have successful sex (all be it lousy sexy) but at this point in my life, going from not been able to get it up to been able to penetrate for over 5mins and not go soft is just huge for me.

  1. Do not think you will also be able to have sex in just 19 days. Everyone is different, the vast majority take 1-3 months from the stories on here. The reason I believe I was so quick was because I think I maybe had more of a death grip issue rather than fully fledged PIED.
  2. I am also far from fully cured. I don’t want to be just hard enough to have lousy sex. For me PMO is a thing of the past, I will never watch porn again and I will never masturbate with the death grip.

Guys, don’t listen to the negative stuff on here. By all means help people who are struggling but if you are always opening threads with titles like “this is too hard” or “I failed”, this will not help you personally. I know my story might sound like I just had a quick recovery after 3 weeks…this is far from the truth. Firstly I am still no fully cured and secondly I was depressed for months about this issue until I found this forum and other resources online. I could write for pages about my experience and all the details…however all you really need to know is that this stuff is 100 percent curable, it is up to you if you want to fix yourself or not.

LINK – Success!! ED/Deathgrip Issue Cured!! (well partially cured)

by cookiedog5