Age 27 – ED: my manhood has been restored in 30 days.

I made it to the promised land. Although it hasn’t been easy, it HAS most definitely been worth it. I took on this challenge to attempt to cure my PIED. Throughout this time I have only gotten intimate with my wife twice. The first time I was two weeks in and things went significantly better, but still not quite 100%. Two nights ago, we tried again. HOLY.SHIT. My manhood had been restored. I felt like a beast.

The most beautiful thing about it was that I was no longer imagining porn in my mind to assist me in the process. I was in the moment. My mind wasn’t completely quiet but damn,it was a great improvement. I never really doubted that this day would come, but it felt like forever to get here, and now that I’ve arrived, I’m never looking back.

For all the doubters out there, please keep at it and understand that it takes time and you MUST keep yourself busy. Keep your head up and stay strong!


by thegreenrangerr