Age 27 – ED: the best, effortless sex of my life; the wife was incredibly amazed and happy

27yo married male, struggled with PIED via PMO since teen years. Exposed to internet porn at a relatively young age; nothing special there, but over time I ran way with it to the point of routine…at least once a day, nearly everyday, sometimes 3-4 in a day over 15+ years.

Had a few serious relationships growing up prior to meeting my wife; desire and drive were there, but when it came to performance, there was barely anything there. I would find myself fantasizing about porn mid-act just to maintain, and over time, even that would not suffice. Sensitivity was null, and the inability (at the time) to reconcile the physical challenges with sexual desire eventually led to moderate performance/sexual anxiety–to the point of a year of mental health therapy with an MFT.

My wife and I met in college, and we hit it off immediately. The relationship has always been strong: amazing love, friendship, and communication. I initially was scared to share my struggles early in the relationship, but eventually it started causing problems in our intimacy and revealed everything to her regarding the PMO. She has been incredibly supportive, but I would be completely ignorant to not acknowledge that there have been many instances of frustration for both of us. Recently, we have been trying to get pregnant and there was tremendous fear on my part on being able to perform. After a couple of failed or heavily MO’d attempts, that fear was seemingly about to be realized. It was then that I discovered NoFap, and made a commitment to 30 days…what did I have to lose, right? I employed regular exercise at the gym, a better, cleaner diet, and a multivitamin/panax ginseng regimen.

Well, made it to 30 days, and HOLY SH**. I really can’t describe it other than having gone from PIED to borderline PE! I had easily some of the best, effortless sex of my life; the wife was, suffice to say, incredibly amazed and happy . Sensation, power, endurance, it was all there. Moreover, I was completely relaxed and in the moment; no trace of anxiety. It’s been such a huge eye-opener; for the first time in a long time, I feel like a man, and master of my body and mind.

Thread: 30-day report, INCREDIBLE change!

By – Playara30