Age 27 – Ever since I’ve started cutting PMO out of my life I have noticed a lot of benefits

Hey Everyone,

I am finally posting my first success story. I am at 50 days No PMO right now and I am on fire! I am at a level of productivity that I have never been at before and I am pursuing my passion of being a hip hop artist relentlessly!

I feel like I should mention that this is not my first streak. I’ve had multiple streaks over the past year and a half, the longest of which was 4 months. Ever since I’ve started cutting PMO out of my life I have noticed a lot of benefits. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Confidence
  • Willpower
  • Energy
  • Drive
  • Physical and Mental Strength
  • Improved appearance

The most amazing thing about this whole journey is that I have started pursuing my passion of hip hop with a fervor that only resided inside my mind a couple years ago. Mind you, I’m a busy man. I have a 30 hour a week job, am flipping a house, and getting a masters degree. NoFap has given me the energy to work on music with my extra time. For example, on my day off today, I was in the studio for 8 hours, paying someone $25 per hour to mix my new full length album. This is crazy because before I would have never taken a RISK. I would have never invested in myself. I would have never worked on something I didn’t HAVE to on my day off. Today, I wake up excited because I am grateful to have the opportunity to be alive and participate in this wild experience we call “life”. This is not the same guy who stumbled upon a TED talk outlining the negative effects of porn a couple years ago. A LOT has changed since then. Even though I am only on a 50 day streak right now, I believe that all the previous streaks and failures have contributed to cumulative benefits over time. I feel more solid each streak that I am on and that is because of my long term commitment to NoFap. If you fall on this journey, get back up and keep trudging forth on the road to happy destiny

I feel as though my life has purpose now. I want inspire people with my lyrics and music. Three weeks ago, I started an instagram and facebook page. People kept telling me to do it in the past but I was scared. I kept saying, “I want to wait till the music’s better and I’m fully ready”. Well guess what? That day would have never come unless I pulled the trigger. I finally decided it was good enough to start spreading my messages NOW so I did it. And now that I have I have been working way harder on it and am even more excited to do it because I know people will get to see the content I will be putting out on a regular basis.

NoFap has a lot of benefits. For me, all these benefits add up to one thing: the power to pursue my passion. I would encourage anyone on this journey to do the same. If there is something inside of yourself that you have always wanted to do. Start doing it! NoFap gives you the time and energy to do more with your life. So get out there and start living! I know that the best is yet to come (as long as I stay on this path!)

It would be amazing if some of y’all could help me build this dream by following my journey on Instagram @TheRealEthyric and liking my Ethyric page on Facebook. Ethyric is my stage name, (pronounced Uh-Theer-Ik). I post regular motivational content and will post links to my album when it drops as well! I have been working on it for the last six months tirelessly (because of all my NoFap streaks) and I am very excited to get it out to the world!

I want to thank this whole community for helping me develop into the man I am today. I have been a “lurker” on this site for the past year and a half and have benefitted tremendously from the success stories that I have read but I never commented, posted, or engaged. Tonight was the night when I decided to finally post my first success story and put myself out there as an artist. Why not allow the site that made me into a hardworking artist be the first place I share and promote my music?

Thanks y’all!

P.S. If anybody needs any help on this journey feel free to message me

LINK – 50 Days – Insane Motivation to Pursue My Passion

by Dubz