Age 27 – Fetishes & Anorgasmia: Orgasmed during sex for the first time ever last night

Hey all, Counter says 10, but prior had a 31 day streak and then masturbated once, now on Day 10. So 41 total days out of last 42 not masturbating.

Was in a bit of a flatline but last night, for the first time, ate a girl out and then she blew me and I came…have NEVER been able to come before with ANY sex act in the past, and she had me exploding just two minutes in. Felt so good guys. Rock hard the whole time and didn’t have to imagine anything besides her sweet little body in front of me. Felt so good. Can’t wait to get naked with a girl again…

LINK – Success — blowjob last night

by Murphy_Nelson


INITIAL POST – Do old fetishes go away?

Hello all, Day 11 here, although just edged…recognize edging is awful. Was able to stop myself. I have had several successful “runs” of 30-45 days or so, followed by periods of masturbating again.

Long story short, I have been addicted to masturbating since 14 (now 27). Developed odd fantasies over the years and could never get off with anybody / never hard with anybody.

Getting married in just 44 days.

My fiancee and I are waiting for marriage (flame away but this is important to us). We have slipped up and I can already see the results of an overall NoFap (several “victories” of 30-45 days)…am hard when we kiss, she has gotten me to orgasm quite easily orally and with handjobs (nobody had ever gotten close prior to NoFap and I, like many here, had serious issues with performance anxiety and impotence).

I have two fears I’d like feedback on:

1) I have developed odd fetishes overtime, and at my worst I could only get off to them, and became completely desensitized/disinterested in vanilla sex. It was some extreme stuff. Now it swings. I can get off to both naked girls and the fetishes, but some weeks I swing decidedly more one direction than others. Do these go away with time? In the past, in my 30-45 day periods, I was so horny for everything my fiancee did…laughing, touching, the littlest things would turn me into an animal. But when I’d slip up and masturbate, slowly the other fantasies would work their way back, and at times become dominant.

2) If I continue on this, on Day 55 will be our first time having sex with each other. I am so worried about the flatline…she knows about this but flatline is the last possible thing I’d want on our honeymoon. Previously my flatlines last about 2-3 weeks and end around Day 30-40, and I’d slip up pretty quickly after then because I’d be so aroused. I am hoping that this will work perfectly, coming out of flatline to sex, but am a bit nervous…any experiences here?

She knows about all of this…my past, my current struggle. She is overall supportive but is of course worried about our sex life post-marriage because of my past struggles, and it hurts her a lot as well. Flatlines ruin her because I go from very interested in her to she could be standing naked in front of me and I’d barely noticed.

ETA: Clarification on #1 and my fiancee’s thoughts.

Thanks guys.