Age 27 – I am feeling very positive changes in my body & my social life. I’m more focused & confident, glowing face. Morning wood back.


So just completed my 90 day streak and the feeling is just awesome. 90 days before I decided to quit pmo .why?  I was sitting in my room lost in my thoughts thinking about women, sexual desires, craving for more false satisfaction. Suddenly a question Pop up in my mind. Which was how many years I have watched porn and how many hours I have wasted watching porn? Then I started calculating and I found with my little knowledge of maths that I have spent about 18 months or 1.5 years of my life watching porn.

I did it by calculating since I started watching porn and taking the average of hours spent in a day. When I found out the results I was completely shocked and felt shameful of myself. This feeling of shame and regret couldn’t let me sleep at that night. How on Earth a human being can spend his valuable years watching a filthy porn movies which deviate you from your path and makes you invaluable miserable human being.

I decided that day I won’t watch porn I won’t masturbate. I googled about quitting porn. I found nofap community which completely changed me. I found men sharing their experiences here. Many of you sharing your journey and how much changes they are feeling in their lives. It gave me an immense amount of confidence to lead my journey of nofap. I decided to nofap for 90 days. I will be honest to you I did some surfing about hot women I did surf some erotic stuff, I did sexchat twice but never fap or orgasm. I hold myself back which has boosted my confidence 10 folds.

Before this journey even a small trigger would enforce me to fap . You won’t believe I fap on seeing hot pics of women on Facebook or Instagram. I used to think about them imagining having sex with them doing all the mean things they show in pornography. How bad I was. Now I don’t think about women .I see them with respect and dignity. They are not piece of meat.

I am feeling very positive changes in my body and my social life. I m more focused, more confident, dark circles are fading slowly , a strong voice, facial hairs growing fast, my balls have become real balls not like a dried raisin , dated a girl (not worked , I m fine), glowing face and more muscle power.

This journey was full of ups and downs. Many time I thought about quitting but a strong commitment to new life continuously pushed me in the right direction. Had many flatlines, frustrated days of unstoppable urges but believe me my friends when you overcome those feelings you feel like a real man. Now I can say that I m a real man not a boy anymore. I have become 27 today and this is the best birthday gift I have got. When I started I decided to fap on my birthday to celebrate my journey but I have changed my mind. Now I am expanding my goal. What about 6 months without NoFap?

I am setting a new Target nofap till 3rd January 2018. Just like am excited today I want the start of New Year with full of energy, motivation and joy.
I wish you a good luck for your nofap journey.

LINK – 90 days and today is my birthday.yayyyy!

by Brown Sugar


UPDATE  – Day 105! getting back to my teenage years!

Hello everyone,

Here I am back again to share my experience. Today completed 105 days without PMO. You know this feeling of getting over your addictions is really a Divine experience. You become more stronger, more focused.
I have started to get strong erections like I used to have when I was a teenager. As you all know when you are a teenager your hormones level are high, you have strong erections, strong sexual feelings. In my case I ruined it by watching pornography ,by mastarbating night and day. My penis became flaccid , my seminal fluid watery, erections like a fluffy banana. I had a girlfriend ,during intercourse I had a hard time getting erection (rock solid erection).

This continuous streak of nofap is giving me my those days back. My morning woods are so strong that i have to forcefully push my penis down to pee. Yes it’s happening with me and I am loving this.
I have started talking to a girl . Now even a small romantic talk giving me a solid erection which was gone when I was indulge in pmo.
I have something to suggest for those who have just started their streak, pls don’t expect that you will become a superhuman if you stop pmo. No it doesn’t happen in real life but you will be able to rewire your brain to a normal human being. PMO changes the chemistry of your brain. It brings out negative changes in your body as well as your thoughts. Suddenly you realize yourself in deep trouble. Nofap will help you in getting your brain chemistry in it’s original form as it was meant to be.

So go ahead and start your journey with keeping in my mind that I have to become normal. I have to rewire my brain and bring back my life on the right track.
I will write about the causes why I got involved into this vicious cycle in few days. Now I have figured out reasons behind my indulgence in pmo.
I wish all you a