Age 27 – I don’t feel worthless. I have stopped hating myself. No longer feel like a loser.


One truth I have learned in past 9 months: If you are young & fat then stop fapping & get fit as soon as possible not for girls but for the confidence which will help you in life. 9 months ago I decided to quit porn cause I was turning mad because of no sex and porn addiction. I was always angry & irritated, like a rabid dog.

I starting running heavily and controlled eating to channel my frustration which I got after starting No PMO, I could not control my urges without running. I went from 98 kg to 75 kg [in 9 months], obese to super fit. Now I also do pulls ups and chin ups which I never believed I could do. Earlier I used to watch porn and masturbate rather than get up at 5 in the morning and exercise.

Now here is the thing, Girls try to talk to me, there is lot more eye contact, it is a different kind of eye contact can’t explain, not the nervous kind. Now I see a lot of girls turning to check me out. Also girls smile a lot more when they talk to me which makes me smile in return. The thing is that it has helped me in getting my self confidence back. It feels good to be acknowledged. This confidence has also helped in getting over past painful experiences and relationships. I don’t feel worthless. I have stopped hating myself. No longer feel like a loser.

In morning I ran 5 k and in evening I am going to run 10 k more. This is for the first time in my life I am going to run 15 kms in a day & I am 27. It feels awesome. Thanks to NoFap community. I will stop coming to this site after 100 days, I will be getting into life which is hard but really exciting.

LINK – Getting closer to 100 days: Going for a 10 km evening run

by attaining_peace