Age 27 – Increased confidence & motivation, improved socially, no longer a virgin

As many have said, once you get going the urges disappear and you don’t count the days. I got a girlfriend a few weeks ago and am no longer a virgin (I’m in my mid-late 20s, so it feels good to have this off my back).

I had a bit of trouble staying hard, and then she had to be going so I didn’t have a chance to ejaculate, but she’s a cool girl so we’re doing pretty good. I got my blood tested to see if anything was off and my testosterone came back low.

I’m going to get it tested again in a few days, and if it comes back low again they’re going to put me on testosterone. I think I have probably always been low since I never really developed muscle mass and my penis when soft is small (I read these things happen if you’re low on testosterone during puberty and such). I read it can be caused by doing drugs when you’re young, which I did, so it all makes sense.

Not masturbating or watching porn, and using my energy productively, makes it so these things don’t bother me nearly as much as they would have before. As many have said learning to channel your energy in to things you really want to be doing is key.

I had a few weeks recently where I was having more wet dreams than usual, but I seem to be getting it under control. I think maintaining a healthy diet and exercising helps this a lot.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to do this, I can tell you I strongly suggest doing it. It’s been the most worthwhile endeavor of my life. I can’t begin to list all of the benefits, but I’ll list a general few.

  • Improved socially overall: Women and men like me more. *I used to not be good with women, now I feel like I have my choice of pretty much everyone (and this is with my probably low testosterone).
  • Improved motivation: I had dropped out of school and wasn’t really doing anything. I came back and finished my degree while doing extra-curriculars and being more social.
  • Being more carefree: My future is uncertain, but as I’m trying to find my way I’m confident I will one day come out on top and be successful. I’m already quite happy being a relative nobody.
  • Other things: Doing this sort of automatically makes you go to the gym/exercise, so I’m in great shape. I appreciate people more, and am more empathetic. More confident, becoming more focused on my priorities, *just generally loving life.

Oh, also more confident to freely speak my mind – this can really be beneficial with talking to friends and family who are struggling.

Anyway, I’m leaving soon to go watch the world cup at a bar with some friends. You will experience some negatives, but mostly, and in the long run, it’s fairly amazing. If you commit to it, you won’t regret it.

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