Age 27 – My morning woods are more frequent, and my sex drive with my GF is amazing

i have been masturbating to porn pretty much more than half of my life, i started around age 10 or so up until 26 yo and now i am 27, i didn’t realize i was addicted until i stopped!

after watching many YouTube videos and reading articles about what porn does to the male brain, i immediately went cold turkey and stopped!!

I’ve read that most men cant’ quit cold turkey but i sure did! so for the first time since i started masturbating im almost 100 days strong! and at this point i have no desire to go back! during my 100 days the first week was great to me, i felt like superman but then after about week 2 or 3 then i started going through withdrawal, like i was get very tempted and my mind would start racing n all those things, even went through a flatline about 3-4 weeks into my reboot, once my flatline period was over, my sexual desire came back, i feel more confident about myself, my morning woods are more frequent, and my sex drive w my GF is amazing,

i also read that sex during a reboot can b either bad or good depending on the man, for me is was 50-50 bcuz it gave me a chance to train my brain to the real thing, there was one time that during my reboot, me n my GF went to have sex and i lost my erection within 10min, i felt so ashamed because of what i was trying to do by quitting porn and masturbation but now that i look back, i wasn’t really ready to have sex just yet, i needed a lil bit more time to recover, so since that , i haven’t lost my erection yet knock on wood in fact after i ejaculate, sometimes my penis stays hard for about 5-10 min as if i can go again, so that’s it,

I’m very proud of myself, i came a long way, and i look forward to having a much better sex life w my GF, no more porn no more masturbating for me!! so any advice i can give, simple, JUST STOP!! its not worth it, yeah it may feel good in all that but in the long run it will destroy you mentally and physically, so thank you for reading hope my grammar wasn’t too bad for you i tried my best lol, thanks guys!

LINK 12 weeks of no Porn Masturbation

by Gemini61087