Age 27 – No more ED or delayed ejaculation: 131 days

Short Story: Success! sex 4 different times. No ED, No DE, I was fully sensitive and Aroused! 131 days – 10+ edging, 6 times MO, 1 time PMO. First 60 days easy, got off track a few times last 60 days. around the 120 mark had Successful (albeit) short sex. Had 3 more success sessions after that.

Detailed Story: Started porn from 15. But I was having great steady sexy from 16-21. Then 1 year of on and off sex. The the problems started from 22-25 with a steady gf. Can still get aroused and an erection, just lose the erection during. only 50% successful completion.

Then 25-27 rarely had sex(was bad sex), less arousal, less sex drive & needed the right conditions to even get an erection from a female. Rarely ever finished sex. Pretty damn insecure by now. I was just confused and lonely thinking why is this happening to me. I could not finish with a really hot girl (after a really long dry spell) and that was when I decided to start searching for answers and found YBOP.

I worked out all my life though but switching to even better nutrition, less drinking and even kegels did nothing to help.

The first 60 days no MO or PMO pretty easy. Got the loss of sex drive within the first week and that lasted pretty much for the rest of the 60 day period. I went to Vegas two times and did not get an erection from dancing with girls at the club or even the strip club.

 Then i started to lose focus all of the edging/mo/pmo once, happened in the second 60 day period. But each time it happened, I refocused and committed. But MO without porn was much easy than before and I got aroused pretty quickly(but finished really fast).

Around the 120 day mark – I brought a girl home i was dating for 2 weeks. We tried and I had successful sex. Easily got an erection but I finished pretty quickly the first round. We went another round after around 20 min and it was great long sex no issues at all. We had sex 3 more times after that. No issues at all.

So now its the 131 day mark and I am typing this after having success again. Those several years of problems with girls are finally over. I only wish I would of known of this much much sooner. Might of saved a few relationships. But oh well, all I can do is tell my friends and hopefully help them out.

My advice is just trust. Trust and believe that this system will eventually work. There will be temptation and times of frustration/sadness. But with trust, it gave me the motivation to continue and keep trying. Just refrain from sexual images, block your porn, and stop fantasizing. I threw myself into my career and tried to learn as much as possible. During this time I got a promotion and hit a few new PRs while working out (455lbs 1 RM squat–ahh yeah son!)

Just remember this is also a lifestyle. I am done with porn and will not go back. You do not need it. Goodluck to everyone out there looking for the answer. It worked for me and I hope this advice would at least help 1 person out there.

LINK – 131 days & SUCCESS!!! 27yo My story and road to recovery.

BY – Zinokaster88