Age 27 – PIED: I made a faster recovery than expected. Here are combinations for better recovery


It’s just one year back that I realized I have ED. It was really shocking as i m perfectly fit guy who is regular at exercising. I tried all sorts of things from libido increasing diet, giving up my bad habits, doing kegels everyday to watching porn and try edging to last longer. It took me 6 months to realise problem was all along in front of me.

And with wide acceptance of porn as a natural and day to day thing i took some more time to actually accept it. But since then i have come a long way, tried few things and i think made faster recovery than expected. So here are just combinations that you can implement for better recovery.

1. NO porn but masturbating and orgasm continues.

Your recovery will start as soon as you stop watching porn, but it will be really slow if you continue to masturbate. The reason is when you wl masturbate u r still likely to think about all your favourite pornstars and thats what gonna keep your neuron connection in the brain active which are responsible for you PIED in the first place. So i really dont recommend you this option but hey if you can’t go cold turkey at least this can be your start just try not think about all the porn you have come to associate with masturbation and go for real life scenarios.


This is the toughest way but much effective. Simply because you quickly break the complete link between porn and sexual satisfaction and allow maximum time to heal your brain and rewire itself. make sure you are aware of all the side effects such as flat line and mood swings before you do it. So that you dnt get panicked between this phase.

3. NO PMO + partner:

there are some contradictory opinions on it if you should have sex while on nofap but it my opinion it really helps. As u r on nofap u wl get hornier and having a partner definitely helps. It also helps you to connect sex to smell and touch of your partner rather than just a visual medium on screen.

I think why most people don’t recommend sex or anything with your partner is bcs as u r on a reboot you are still bound to have ED problems during sex. Especially when you go on to put on a condom and that can hamper you own confidence and belief on your reboot process and create doubts in your head. My suggestion is first discuss it with your partner wt you r going through and stay away from penetrative sex for a while, it will help you take that monkey of your back.

In my experience I never had problem getting erection during forplay spl wt clothes on and then eventually jst follow signals from your body. It wl always tell you when to go ahead. And i would like to hear from you guys about wt your experiences are with your partner. In my case when I told my gf about PIED she thought its something i am making up and masturbating and watching porn is wt I am supposed to do as a guy. (Yes that’s how granted we have taken porn as a natural thing not just guys but even girls think that way).

But after a month probably after noticing a difference she asked me to continue with NoFap. Also my sex life spiced up not just from my side (obviously I was horny) but also from her side as well. I must admit it was pretty cold initially both of us were too lazy to initiate or take charge of things. I believe women are extremely sensitive creatures and notice the small changes in their partner’s vibes and reciprocate to that but one thing she told me was it just makes her feel extra special that she is the only way of satisfying my sexual urges. But I wld like to know from other women as well how exactly they look at it. In my opinion it really helps if guys open about it to their partners. You girls can make lot of difference in recovery process.


not all of us are as lucky as others and enjoy luxury of a partner and if you are suffering from PIED you are most like the one who have driven himself away from real life women enclosing yourself in a room where u and you pornstars can enjoy all night shagging dates. So suddenly going NO PMO can get lot frustrating. Not just sexual frustration but you just dnt know what to do with so much of extra time and tissues. Best way is to invest that time in some hobby but the X factor thats really gonna help you recover quickest is meditation. We so often spend time training our muscles to make them stronger but hardly do we our train our brain which is most effective organ of the body. Now the trick to train brain is not make it work harder bcs its already doing that 24 hrs even when you r asleep but to give it a time to relax and short it shit out bcs thats when actual recovery takes place.

All you gym going guys also know that it’s your resting time that allows your muscle to grow not when you are working out. I have only started to realise psychological benefits of meditation in last couple of months. Not just in terms of reboot but it allows you to introspect. Instead of blaming things on girls or other thing for having a failed relationship or losing my virginity quite late in life and then endorsing notions such as nice guys finish last and thus finding every single reason to make me feel worthless. I have at least started to recognise these things and understand that it was my own anxieties and my comfort zone that made me not to take enough initiative, give cold vibes to an interesting girl and had such a long time without a gf not bcs I was a nice guys bt bcs deep down i always knew i can satisfy myself at the click of the mouse. It’s a vicious cycle you need to realise and then only you will have strongest motivation to break the cycle.

Apart from these psychological things there are actual physical changes in your brain in just 8 weeks. Just search neuroplasticity and mindfulness meditation to understand how exactly it works. But in my experience MEDITATION is must if you are on reboot and even otherwise. It doesn’t matter if you doing only NO P or NO PM or NO PMO i wl suggest you to add meditation to it. It wl just make your reboot journey lot more empowering.


If u have read everything from above then it goes without saying that this is the most effective combo for reboot. Now you can never predict how much time it wl take for you to recover it changes from person to person, age, intensity of addiction. But this one is gonna reduce time considerably. It took me a month to get me back on track and i wld say i am still completely recovering. But i thought it would take me at least 3 month as my masturbation habit is 15 years old and have been watching porn for 10 years. In this period i never had sex apart from making out with my x gf.

Only recently i discovered i might have PIED and given such long years of porn abuse on my brain i thought it wl take at least 3 months. I was really happy when i had much harder erection and for longer time in just one month and since then to my surprise situation has only improved. So i wl suggest meditation is must if you are on reboot and a partner is gonna even make it better if you communicate with her properly.

Everything i have mentioned is from my personal experience and i am no medical expert but have written wt i observed, read and experienced during this journey. And after my experience and seeing benefits of nofap mu even more motivated to continue this LIFESTYLE. There are just so many benefits of it but that’s the topic for another discussion. Till then ask me any doubts if you have i wl try to answer best to my knowledge, let me know your point of view or things that proved effective to you so that we can make this journey better and easy for all of us.

LINK – No PMO + partner + meditation

by Unanimous