Age 27 – PIED pretty much gone. Didn’t take as much as I thought!

After finding this forum earlier this year, and reading posts about people curing their PIED with nofap. I gave it a try.

Ive been fapping all my life to pron. Almost daily. Had issues with keeping it up, and keeping it hard. Oral was reasonable, but when putting on condoms/having sex it would not go very well and often would lose erection. I thought it was blood pressure, vein leaks, meal timing, vitamin deficiencies, stress, fatigue, low testosterone, etc. Pretty much everything under the sun. I even dabbled with cialis and stuff, but sometimes it wouldnt do the job, which indicated that it wasnt really a physical issue, but more mental.

After being out of town for two full weeks, with no P, no M, no O (except for a wet dream after a week and a half), I had a strong erection when I was with my girlfriend at the end of that 2 weeks. Even after I orgasmed, i was ready to go again and felt like i couldnt keep it down. I wanted to go again.

I was so happy. So was she.

I normally see her on the weekends, and thats when we engage in sexual activities. Since that two weeks, i have not had any issues at all. I have PMO’d since then, but its been drastically reduced. If i know im seeing her on the weekend, I will only PMO/MO on a Monday, or after she leaves for the weekend (lol). It seems to do the trick, and so far ive been good to go on the weekends with no issues for almost 4-5 months.

I am very happy, and surprised, that my results came so quick. 2 weeks was kind of difficult, but i just made sure to keep busy and stay off my PC. fapping in close proximity to sexual activities is what i have determined to be my killer. Keeping them as far away from each other as possible has been working.

It feels like a weight has been lifted from me, and knowing this battle is behind me is amazing. I wish you guys luck, stick with it, this DOES work. It might take longer than my case, but trust me, its 100% worth it. If you are experiencing PIED, and are on the fence about trying nofap, please try this. Please please please try it. Give it as little as 2 weeks, and cut down frequency, and you may be cured.

LINK – PIED pretty much gone. Didnt take as much as I thought!

by abacabbmk