Age 27 – Pros of NoFap, Cons of PMO

Some will apply to all, others only to some, but they’re there for you to consider.

Cons of PMO

  • The only Pro of PMO is the momentary “pleasure” you get until you snap out of your dopamine high, yet it’s this very “pleasure” that leads to the downfall or, at minimum, the mediocrity of your life and unhappiness. It’s not even really a pleasure, it’s a crack addict getting his fix.
  • Many girls whom I’ve passed up being intimate with because of porn. <I’ve listed here all the girls I have met and have messed things up with, because of porn>
  • It disconnects you emotionally from other people and experiences. It’s filling up your mind and numbing you to emotions.
  • You develop all these fucked up sexual deviances and preferences
  • You’re constantly lying to yourself. “just this one last time. This one time doesn’t count”. Disgusting.
  • It distorts your perception of reality and your view on sex and intimacy. Real world intimacy is NOTHING like porn.
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Ruining or at least reducing the full potential of your intimate and personal relationships
  • You lose so much time.

Pros of NoFap

  • No more erectile dysfunction when engaging in actual intimacy with real women. You will get rock hard erections easily. This is a HUGE (ahem) deal because your woman will be pleasured, she won’t feel unattractive, and it will lead to an awesome sex life with a REAL girl (or girls), and thus a healthy relationship, too.
  • You’ll literally have hours and hours of your life extended. If you spend 15 hours a week fapping and you quit it completely, that’s another 15 hours of life per week for you. This is another 32 DAYS A YEAR. ANOTHER MONTH PER YEAR, of fully awake hours, too! Not sleeping.
  • On top of all the extra time you have, you’ll have more ENERGY, too! More time + more energy = one step closer to achieving your goals
  • You’ll seek gratification emotionally and physically from genuine relationships with real women, as opposed to a computer and the internet. If you’re persistent and want it bad enough, you will get a wonderful girl. The only reason you don’t have a wonderful girl right now is because you don’t want her bad enough.
  • You’ll have more charisma, more emotional energy and be more in tune and connected with the real people around you.
  • You regain control of yourself. You become an imperturbable mountain. You can look people in the eye and into the mirror and call yourself a Man.
  • You start taking care of the basics: clean your house/room, shave properly, get a proper haircut, wear ironed shirts, exercise, take a good shit.
  • No more feeling ashamed of yourself after a furtive PMO, wondering if you left browser windows open, cleared your history, hidden your porn files and feeling like shit for days for a moment of transient pleasure. You get the clean feeling of having your computer and hard drives completely porn free. Sweet.
  • More general confidence knowing that you’re the one in control of your actions. As a consequence, being able to hold eye contact with people.
  • Pro of NoFap – you can easily spot emotionally unavailable or emotionally unhealthy partners, because with NoFap you pay more attention on the character of your partner. That means you are less hooked on how your partner looks physically and you pay more attention on the character.
  • You’re more in tune with your emotions. You can empathise with people a lot better. E.g. I’ve noticed on NoFap symphony orchestra music can bring me to tears.
  • I’ve had adult acne issues for a while (I turn 27 this month) and tried everything. 4 days no fapping and my face looked the best it has in years.
  • Respect for women increases, even if unclean thoughts and urges you have more ability to Endure them, becoming comfortable with discomfort, whether its urges or painful things life throws @ you.
  • More healthy aggression in sports or weights or sales or business
  • Nofap dramatically increases your sexual energy. You can feel your energy more Intensely during meditation

*TL; DR There are a shitload of benefits to NoFap and a shitload of Cons to PMO – ones that outweigh their opposite. So stop grabbing your own balls and grab life’s instead. *

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by tyson1988