Age 27 – Severe ED cured after a 2-year flatline – NEVER GIVE UP!

My story is for those who are experiencing a very long flatline and are losing hope. 27 year old male. 5’11. 180 pounds. Physically and psychologically healthy.

I had been watching and masturbating to porn twice per day since I was 14 years old. I have suffered from erectile dysfunction my entire life. At the age of 25 I discovered and began nofap.

Here is a breakdown of my recovery:

1) Weeks 1-3: Very high libido, high craving for pornography

2) Week 4: “Superpowers” which include increase in confidence and libido

3) Months 2-24: FLATLINE. No libido. No desire to have sex. No desire to masturbate. Feeling asexual. My girlfriend of 3 years broke up with me because she felt like I didn’t love her. Feelings of hopelessness. The Viagra and Cialis that I was prescribed by my family doctor stopped working. I felt like I would never experience a healthy relationship.

4) Months 24 to present: Cured of Erectile Dysfunction.

How do I know I am cured?

  1. My libido is back everyday.
  2. My penis is more sensitive.
  3. When I masterbate or have sex now, I get and maintain a full erection.
  4. When I masterbate or have sex now, I do not get that “buzz” feeling or experience social anxiety.
  5. I feel normal and in control.
  6. I have felt cured for about 2 months now.


  1. Do not believe this “90 day” and your cured myth. It took me two years!! I had to completely rewire my brain.
  2. The flatline is the scariest thing that you will ever encounter in your life. You will question your masculinity and worth every day during the flatline.
  3. I had seen many doctors and urologists for my erectile dysfunction. No one could help me. I was just prescribed Viagra and Cialis. It turns out that pornography was the cause of my erectile dysfunction.
  4. Once you are cured, the sex you experience is amazing.
  5. If I could cure porn-induced erectile dysfunction, then anyone can.

It has been a hell of a journey. Goodbye my friends.

LINK – 27 year cured after two year flatline. Severe ED cured.

by saugacity87


More from comments:

Awesome, dude! Congratulations! I just have a couple of questions. You said you’re masturbating again:
1. How often?
2. You’re not worried that might harm your erectile function with the “deathgrip”, etc.?

Yes, since being “cured” two months ago, I have been masterbating approximately once per day (past two months) without pornography. I am being very cautious not to over indulge in this new found libido.

Are you sure something else isn’t responsible for your rejuvinated libido? maybe overcoming depression or some physical condition? 2 years though, good work

My family doctor did send me to a psychologist. It was determined that I did not have any psychological issues such as depression. I did not watch any pornography during the two year period. During my flatline, I did “test” out my penis a few times too see if I can obtain an erection. I failed miserably.


More from rebooter:

I was in a three- year relationship with a wonderful woman. Throughout my entire relationship with her, I used Cialis or Viagra. I could not have successful sex without the use of Cialis or Viagra. We had sex approximately once per week. I masturbated to pornography everyday. After about the two year mark in my relationship, the Cialis and Viagra was becoming less and less effective. The amount of sex we had became less frequent. We began to argue about the amount of sex we had. She felt very insecure about herself because she felt like I didn’t find her sexually attractive.

When I decided “nofap”, I felt like it was perfect timing because my girlfriend was going away to Singapore for an exchange program for 6 months. I thought 6 months would be ample amount of time to reboot. Unfortunately, when she came back, I was in a flatline. We had sex several times, however, my erections were very week despite being on Cialis. After a few months of my girlfriend coming back, we broke up. The main reason was because she felt that she could not stay with someone who did not want to be intimate with her.

I talked to her about “nofap” and even showed her the Ted Talks video about “nofap” but ultimately we broke up because of out mismatched sex drives. It was a very difficult break up for me because I truly loved her and the only problem with our entire relationship my low libido. After we broke up, I continued with no masturbation or pornography, until my recent reboot.