Age 27 – Severe ED, fear of crowds, stuttering with strangers: Everything has changed.

This is the Baron, checking in at my 130 day marker. So far, I suppose I’ve seen some changes. When I first stopped PMO it was because I realized that it has been a major influence in my life for a long time, both sexually and non-sexually.

I am not in favor of blaming PMO entirely for my social and intimacy problems over the years, because I believe that some of my awkward, anti-social, introverted attitude was a choice. However, some things carried into adulthood.

Here’s a description of The Baron 130 days ago:

  • Fear of crowds.
  • Paranoia in public.
  • Stuttering when speaking to strangers or at job interviews.
  • Self-consciousness to the point that hearing someone laughing nearby made me feel certain it was about me.
  • Nearly total ED; I was only really able to O by my own hand, and at 27 years old had not ever been able to successfully have intercourse with any of the several partners I’ve had.

I had only really heard of Reddit, never used it up until this year, and I found NoFap. I immediately began putting pieces together.

Porn was the fuel. Fapping was the catalyst.

I didn’t start this journey because I wanted to make friends. I didn’t start this because it seemed like a fun thing to do. I started this for me, because I realized that PMO is like a poison that seeps into all parts of your life and changes your behavior and personality.

At 130 days, my Codpiece has grown, and is adorned with Majestic Sparkles Of Victory. Changes include:

  • Confidence in public
  • I nailed a job interview to the wall and got hired, just started this week
  • When people laugh, it’s sometimes because I said something funny
  • My SO can vouch for my ED improvements. Major, major improvements.

If you’re just starting out, if you’ve felt bad and insecure and feel like you can’t stop, hopefully stories like mine will show you that fighting the urges is worth it. Do not give up!

Edison failed 10,000 times before he made the electric light. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times. ~ Napoleon Hill

TL,DR: Started at the bottom, now I’m here.

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