Age 27 – Started to feel again, gained back my empathy, super hard erections

Nofap pretty much opened my eyes and showed me that PMO drained my energy. In fact nofap showed me a lot of more problems of my life. At least i see them now so i can work them out. It is still a way to go for me.

What happened to me:

  • confidence coming back at day 12 (fast!)
  • social anxiety gone at day 14
  • On day 20 all my conversations with people just became very interesting and all dull feelings in my head disappeared
  • flatline kicked in around day 25 (small dick, no libido at all)
  • started to look everyone right Into their eyes when talking, great feeling
  • at day 70 I got my feelings back, I started to feel again and Gained back my empathy
  • at day 75 till today: super hard erections after a super long flatline of 50 days (I almost gave up and thought i’d never regain my libido but boom!)

I pretty much changed everything in my life. Nofap took so much concentration that it was easy to quit smoking for me. I smoked 10 years straight an tried a thousand times to quit. Nofap was the breakthrough. I startend working out because my doctor told me to strengthen my back. After a month the aches were gone but i still work On my body On a daily basis (since january 15th til now). I thought about all my Bad habits and stopped to drink alcohol on parties and only drink when it is a healthy amount.

Also i left behind all my bad friendships that Held me back from being who i really am. So for now i am pretty happy but im trying to find my peace with my job and my Apartment. I hope to move back to my hometown this year and find a job there. The fight goes On and i am starting my own persuit of happiness.

My conclusion: nofap brought me back to myself. I know who i am again. So now that i know who i am, i can Start to change my life how i want it to be. Finally i know what i want and i can feel feelings again.

Thank you guys for everything. You helped me a lot in my darkest hours. Feel free to ask me anything. Sorry for my Bad english, i am from germany.

LINK – Another 90 days post

by fuerst


UPDATE – 180.. wait. almost 190 days?

Hey guys. I will hit 190 days tomorrow and would like to tell you about everything between my 90-days-post and today.

Well not much to say I will make it quick and dirty. Eating clean now, no smoking, no drinking. Working out often and going to university at evenings while having a full-time job. Established great connections to a girl, to my family and to my boss.

What did it to me: It opened my eyes to the world. Confronting a problem or a difficult situation no longer bothers me, i just work it out and try to get over it. In my 90 days post I said that I got my empathy and my feelings back. Now I also got back to be calm while making hard decisions and to not overthink difficult situations. Fast thinking and doing, not overthinking and procrastinating until a problem gets worse. My greatest achievement is to just be a man: Giving love when my beloved ones had a bad day, confronting disrespectful people directly to make them know that we are no people to fuck around with, working hard, partying hard, loving hard, listening closely, making presents, helping my neighbor, reading the newspapers, looking everyone straight in the eyes (the best of all), being a good citizen and after all this I am not even tired and go to the gym to lift some iron.

But wait: Life is still tough and I still have issues. There are good days and there are bad days. Sometimes I want to relapse. I got pretty much used to the ‘superpowers’ which I now call ‘normalpowers’ because you just trade in your powers for this instant satisfaction from PMO’ing. The superpowers are just normal abilities of yourself but you lose them when you PMO and it takes 14 days NoFap to get them back. You will only miss them when you already lost them, dont step in that trap!

How I made it this far: I am just totally afraid of this horrible feeling after PMO’ing. Man i am so scared. I never want to feel like this again.

I hope you enjoyed my post. I am very proud of myself and proud of you doing this challenge with me. I cant believe I made it this far (without even noticing). You all do a great job by helping me and yourselves on this journey.

Please feel free to ask me anything! Sorry for not making a timeline like in my 90 days post. Feel free to ask.

Good night my friends! Thank you!