Age 27 – Weak erections, premature ejaculation, depression: All cured

I have been trying to do nofap for a long while, but I would always relapse within 5 days. I had some success–I improved my professional life and lost 30+ pounds–however, I would inevitably relapse within 5 or so days.

I didn’t get laid for an entire year before nofap. Just over two weeks ago I started to take nofap VERY seriously. I didn’t touch my dick AT ALL. In just two weeks I have slept with two women! One white girl, and one black girl! LOL

I didn’t get laid for a ~YEAR~ before nofap!! Not fapping made me realize that if I wasn’t going to masturbate I HAD to get in shape and force myself to meet real women.

ONE MORE THING!!!! I always had a problem with weak erections and premature ejaculation. I have masturbated maybe 5 times in the last 6 months, but not at ALL for over two weeks. When I made love to the black girl last night I had a powerful erection, and I didn’t cum until I decided my legs were tired and I needed to! Nofap also cured my depression and made me more social.

CLIFFS: OP didn’t get laid for a YEAR before nofap, but once he started taking it seriously he’s gotten laid twice in two weeks.

OP used to have weak erections and premature ejaculation, but nofap cured them.

OP believes he is not unique, and that nofap will allow all you neck beards who haven’t gotten laid in over a year to meet women and make love to them.

OP has also noticed nofap cured his depression and gave him more energy. He feels healthy now.

Do you STILL want to fap, brah?

LINK – NOFAP doesn’t work, right? (Read this if you’re thinking of relapse!)

by HarryPothead69