Age 28 – 50 days! Approached women tonight for first time ever. Introvert no more

I’m 28. Until 50 days ago I was addicted to PMO without even knowing it, until seeing YBOP. I’ve always been an introvert and over decade of at least daily PMO no doubt accelerated my social anxiety and isolation towards an almost Avoidant Personality Disorder, but tonight all that changed.

I have pretty much never spoken to anyone outside, I go out a lot but never speak to anyone other than sales associates or people at the drive thru, or bartenders. In college & university I kept myself to myself and there’d be days I’d never speak to anyone at all. I’m sure there is somewhere here in a similar boat. For over a decade I isolated myself, and was terrified to ever speak to anyone other than family or, like I said, rarely the safe options of people working where I visited. Tonight I went out and approached a bunch of women and flirted and had some great fun.

Don’t get me wrong, I have been working at it. I’ve been exercising regularly (UFC Personal Trainer for Xbox Kinect I love it and I’m getting results), been reading the reddit /seduction subreddit, and been in deep, deep thought regarding this all for the past few days.

But I wasn’t really making an effort. Just went out spontaneously to see what the nightlife scene was like as I haven’t been out in a while. I didn’t shave, I was wearing scruffy baggy work pants and skater shoes, had been driving for over an hour, my hair is nothing special, I’m no runway model, I haven’t trimmed my beard in 2 days, I’ve got a real good going unibrow, and I’m 6’1″ with a belly.

Call it pseudoscience awash with confounding factors, but NoFap and YBOP is a real blessing in disguise for me because it opened my eyes to how much I have missed out on. My life now has hope and I know I’ll be able to live a full existence. Thank you all. This is absolutely huge progress for me, I wanted to give this report back to the community that has freely disseminated such important and wonderful information.

I don’t have the right to preach, but stay strong everyone and don’t be scared.

With real love.

LINK – 50 days! Approached women tonight for first time ever. 28yo Introvert no more

by mofappymoproblems 50 days