Age 28 – 700 days – Feeling awesome again! Energy, confidence, unbelievable mental clarity

The initial impact of this journey was amazing, tons of energy, tons of confidence, great gym sessions, and unbelievable mental clarity.

I have been flatlining for about the last 4 months or so and I’d like to blame that on being unemployed and dealing with a really shitty Polar Vortex winter, my social life has been very stagnant, all of that would make anyone uneasy and anxious.

A lot of the posts on NoFap are repetitive, and I remember my initial excitement; it was literally like I took a magic pill. Everything I’ve read on here is true, it changes you for the better. When I tell my friends they look at me like I’ve lost my mind; but I actually have found my mind. I have more of an interest in life. Especially Space and the Universe, that shit is fuckin wild…How have I gone so long in life to not look up at the Moon and think, “wtf is that thing?!”

Reddit is one of the greatest things I’ve ever discovered. Everyday I am getting smarter, I learn so much awesome and interesting things on here. I would often find myself talking about certain subjects for so long that people give me a look of “damn, you know your shit”

As for now, I’ll probably keep the streak going, because I don’t really feel like fapping. Fighting urges is really not an issue anymore. The fact that I have been unemployed for 4 months with shitty weather and haven’t spanked my monkey makes me feel like a Buddha freak. NoFap teaches you self-discipline, and I like to take that skill into something else. There’s always room for improvement and I can say this journey has been one of the most badass things I’ve ever done.

If you guys have any questions, fire away!

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UPDATE – Nearly 700 days- Feeling awesome again.

The first year or so I was feeling the amazing benefits but had some of those benefits fade away. I knew I had to do something else to improve myself.

I was/am confident but wanted to do something else with myself. The immense and initial benefits of not fapping were so amazing I knew I was going to stick with it. I was unemployed for quite awhile and frustrated with life and began feeling depressed again, naturally.

I have a job now and I am in the social mix. A huge hump I needed to get over.

I decided the next thing I wanted to implement with my self discipline was to quit drinking for some time. I took 2 months off from drinking (I was a nightly drinker). It bothered me how I often I did it and was more than ready to take a break. I struggled early on, just like Nofap. It was really tough, but knew it was going to be worth it.

I am now drinking again, but not nearly as much as I was. I started to feel really good. Like really fuckin good after a few weeks. I was going on alot of walks, that turned into short runs, to running 8:00 min/miles. I lost 25lbs and get alot of compliments. I look good.

The self discipline I learned from Nofap without a doubt helped me accomplish drinking abstinence. The last few weeks I have felt invincible. I look good, feel good, and my confidence is sky rocketing. My attitude has changed alot and I have stopped giving a fuck about so many things. I have a few girls that I are showing interest in me and I know they like me because of my attitude.

When these girls talk about other guys, I really just don’t give a fuck. It’s weird, I have always been a guy that gets jealous and surrenders easy when girls lose interest. Them noticing me not giving a fuck has kept them interested.

I noticed my attitude with a certain girl that likes me at the moment. She has another guy she has a tapering relationship with. Usually I say to myself “oh, she’s got a boyfriend, better stay away” That’s not necessarily my attitude now. I now look it as “it’s not him I am worried about, its him that should be worrying about me”.

By abstaining from bad habits you start to focus on yourself in ways you never intended.

As far as it goes with my current drinking habits. I drink alot less. I have noticed the obvious benefits of not drinking and look forward to a good night’s sleep. I am no longer mindlessly drinking beer before bed. Hangovers are expensive. I have taught myself that drinking is a treat and I am content.

For you guys that are on a streak and struggling, keep up with it. As a guy with a huge streak I was definitely down in the dumps.

Just because you have a Nofap streak going doesn’t mean you are entitled to shit. You have to throw some stimulating things in the mix.

I believe Nofap gives your body an awesome spark to your hormones. Use that jumpstart to being a badass.

Keep it up guys, you are the shit…tell yourself that every fucking morning when you wake up!


I don’t frequent this sub anymore, but it has been an absolute amazing life change and I love everything that has happened to me from my journey. As an elder, you forget about fapping and it really isn’t an issue for me anymore.

My benefits still exist but not as profound as they were initially (mostly because the benefits are me now). I am looking for something new. I am on a constant pursuit of self improvement and I am hungry for more. This is the best place for self improvement on the reddit, no doubt.

So I turn back to you guys, the people that I have given advice to, for advice; what else is there?

I have been having trouble with finding full-time employment and my anxiety is creeping back into my life (nofap initially reduced it about 70%). But I’m here, trying to find something new. Have any of you found any life changing journeys or events like NoFap?

I have recently followed /r/stopdrinking and look forward to that maybe as my next journey, but I look at that as more difficult because it is defines my social life. What else do you guys have for self improvement?

Also, I don’t post very often and I am willing to answer any questions to help you guys out for your NoFap advice.

THREAD – wow, just reached 500 days, but looking for others’ advice…


UPDATE – I am 4 years 3 months and 24 days on my journey…AMA

I am happy all the time- I noticed it more early on because the changes were very drastic within a week. I stopped because I actually had a cut on my member and needed to! I literally had to do it, I felt amazing and anxiety subsided, I read this sub and realized there was something to it.

The reason I decided to hop on here for this AMA is because I noticed that I have feeling super sharp lately and confident, it reminded me of the early days.

I noticed a difference 7 days in. My interactions with girls were very smoothe, people almost felt nervous around me. It was very odd, I knew this sub existed at the time but decided to check out other peoples’ experiences. Before I was very anxious and tired. After I felt like my brain is supercharged all the time, I still feel it.

I noticed a deeper voice too. I spoke slow and with purpose. It’s funny to say this in the past tense, because I still speak that way.

I had a gf for about a year. I think there’s a stigma of having dry spells that I never agreed with. I went a long time before meeting her and I thought the next time I had sex was going to be some crazy experience. It was great, but it was more of “hmm that was fun, I’m going to bed”

Watching too much porn was never a major issue for me, but I still watched it. Never had a major dysfunction.

I have more empathy and enjoy a good conversation with a random person at the airport. My outlook toward life is unbridled excitement, there is so much opportunity for everyone out there and makes me smile how living your dreams is very possible.

[Best benefit?] Anxiety is gone, it was like a magic pill