Age 28 – 98 days later I feel like a completely new person.

98 Days ago i started NoFap and 93 days later i feel like a completely new person. There is not much to say besides stick with it, the outcome is so worth it. During this time I have found that I am a lot more sociable. I hang out with my friends a lot more than i use to. People relate to me differently. I went on a diet and so far have lost 45 pounds.

My female friend of about 5 years who would never have looked at me as just a friend before NoFap, well… now we fool around and stuff, lol. Whatever the case might be. If your reading this and your just starting out. Just know that it does get easier. For me the hardest part was the first month and a half. But as I got over that hump it was downhill and i never looked back.

When i had moments of weakness I would come here and read reports others have posted. I will admit i haven’t visited as often lately as i have liked. But i think its because over time Fap becomes less and less important. Until one day you just realize you haven’t thought about it in a long time, and its not something you have to try to stop thinking about. its just not a part of your life anymore. Best of luck to everybody. Where all in this together.

LINK – 98 Day Report

by echo885