Age 28 – ED: 30 Days, or “Holy hell, it works.”

Context: late 20s, starting from total ED/lack of libido. I have a longtime GF, and my low sex drive (but somehow not too low to fap) was taking a very painful toll.


Weeks 1-3: Experienced the clear-headedness and confidence that some have described, enjoyed having more time (quit gaming simultaneously), but other than that, total flatline. No sexual desire. But I wasn’t too concerned, because that’s where I was starting from.

Week 4: Spontaneous boner just thinking about sex. For the first time since … I literally cannot remember when. If low libido is not a challenge you face, it’s hard to describe just how magical this feels.

Later in week 4: Started working out daily (run 2 miles + either lifting or abs), taking 4g L-Arginine daily (seems like taking it with food, esp. bread, helps prevent the heartburn), and doing some kegel exercises. This combo really helped things take off. I’ve had sex with the gf twice in the last week or so, which is itself an improvement, but both times have been unlike ever before. It’s more exciting, and easier to get excited. I last longer. It feels more connected (she spontaneously mentioned this after the last time).

I’m glad that I didn’t start the physical regimen until after I had started to regain some function, if only to clarify the importance of NoFap in this equation. NoFap gets your mind right, exercise gets your body right, good things happen. (Don’t know how much impact the Arginine is having, but it can’t hurt.)

I know there may be more flatline periods in my future, but that’s fine. I’m in it for the long haul. Keep the faith, Fapstronauts.

tl;dr NoFap + Exercise + Kegels + Arginine = faster results than I expected.

LINK – 30 Days, or “Holy hell, it works.”

by Quadrillion



I assume you can get it up when you fap, which along with being 22 means it’s probably not medical. (Which incidentally means the doctor will not prescribe you Viagra or Cialis … he said from previous personal experience.) So it’s most likely performance anxiety — your mind’s not on her, it’s on your wiener, and your wiener doesn’t turn you on. Which is absolutely normal, especially in a situation like losing your virginity.

MY GIANT CAVEAT is that I basically experienced what you’re experiencing between losing my virginity (around 23) and whatever-my-badge-says days ago. Sexual ability was continually hit-or-miss, but since there was nothing physically wrong the good Doctor just said, “well, it’s just performance anxiety.” I was not jerking off that often – probably similar to you – but NoFap, in conjunction with exercise, has already made a world of difference. It’s what I was missing.

tl;dr If deep down you sense that there’s something other than anxiety preventing you from performing, absolutely give NoFap a try. It can’t hurt.