Age 28 – ED, 90 day report.

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Yes, I did it.

I’m 28. For about 3-4 years I had ED. I am taking ED meds (viagra-like) for about 1,5 year. Sometimes it was better, sometimes worse, but I felt that I need this drugs to get erection. My girlfriend was feeling bad too. She thought that it’s her fault and she isn’t hot enough for me.

90 days ago I watched “Your Brain On Porn” TEDx video and it changed my life. I knew that porn and fapping has bad influence on me but I just had no motivation to change it. The video did it. I just wanted to have sex with my gf without any problems.

First 2 weeks were really hard, but I managed to do it. Later I flatlined for a while (I don’t rememeber how long). About 3 last weeks were the best. We have really great sex very often and I feel really comfortable every time (I don’t think about my erection anymore while having sex).

Now I know, that I don’t want porn and fapping anymore. I’m happy without it.

In this 3 months I started to run regularly. I stop procrastinating and started my own bussiness now. I don’t think that noFap magicaly helped me do this things, but I’m sure that noFap was starting point to make my life better.

If you have any questions or want any advice – I’ll try to answer 🙂

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  • Great feedback, I’m so glad for you and so impress by what you’ve achieved! If only doctors could be more aware about PMO addiction…

Exactly. I was talking with my doctor about PMO when I was starting my curation (1,5 year ago). He said that I should avoid masturbation, but he didn’t mention anything about porn. I was watching porn and tried not to fap. The was hard as hell 🙂 Now i think that porn is the main problem. Masturbation is onlny an effect of watching porn.

If you get along the reason (porn), effect (mastrubation) will come along.

  • what does flatline mean?

It is the moment where your libido completely disappears. Nothing seems to turn you on, you wont get an erection. It’s scary for most because it feels like it’s just not working anymore. I’m not sure why it happens, but it can happen and it’s something you just have to go through.

  • ok, that sounds really f**king scary….

Right that is quiet scary but I was prepared for that. I read that this happens so I didn’t bother. My gf also new about it so she helped me. Flatline always ends and libido progresively starts to be more nice feeling than it was before 🙂

  • Could you have sex during the flatline?

It’s hard to call it “sex”, because there was no penetration, only attempts to get penis to erection. After longer time I had erection only for short time of orgasm or no orgasm at all (when me and my gf were to tired of trying)

  • nice report, so you’re still taking the ED meds or not? I’ve the same trouble, got ED but didn’t take any meds yet.

I’m still taking meds, but now it’s 1/4 of first dose (now I don’t feel any help from them). My doctor says that you can’t just stop taking meds and it must be gradual progress. Other way you will probably have problems again. And I don’t want to risk anything 🙂

I hope to stop taking meds in January.

My longest streak without having sex with my girlfriend was only about 10 days so I can’t say how it would be in your case. After flatline my only problem was my head, when I was thinking about my erection while we were foreplaying. When I was more relaxed (sometimes after glass of wine) it was much better. So try not to think about it especially some days before 🙂 It will be well.

  • One question, how did you stop thinking about your erection during foreplay/sex?

There were couple of things:

  1. I knew that if not today, we will try again next day or later
  2. Some massage as a foreplay (if gf was massageur I was focusing on nice feeling, if I was massaging i was trying to focus on her body and making her feel great)
  3. Sometimes the glass of wine during romantic evening was helpful
  4. Last but not least – do not hurry 🙂 ever 🙂

If once or twice yo have no erection problems – later it’s much easier. But be prepared for some problems in future and rememeber that you can have worse day (everybody can have). It won’t last forever 🙂

After 90 days I feel that even if I have some erection problems while foreplay, my gf will make him stand and it really happens 🙂