Age 28 – ED, avoiding performance pressure helped

I’ve been on Nofap for nearly a year now, having started on January 1st 2014. I’ve had 1 relapse around halfway through the year but aside from that was on Hardmode from January to August.

In a nutshell: I was 27, Virgin and had 10 years of PMO use increasing in frequency. Any experience with a woman was always a disapointment. ED, anxiety, etc…

That was until one day in August, when I started dating my girlfriend:

Needless to say, after the first few dates, the first 3-4 times we were intimate was terrible. I would find it hard to maintain myself throughout, would be anxious and was generally stressed the whole time. Although I didn’t mention no fap or any Pornography related problems, I did relay a nervousness from lack of experience which helped my other half be patient with me.

In the first few weeks, we were seeing each other every weekend and I made really inconsistent progress. Sometimes we’d be fine, other times I couldn’t perform and I couldn’t offer an explanation. I felt I should just be getting better and better but it wasn’t happening.


We stayed with some friends of hers in another city. We lay together in bed for both evenings but didn’t do anything because we were sharing with a friend of hers. The weekend after I didn’t see her and for the following two weekends, she had a friend staying so again, we shared a bed and kissed but didn’t take things any further.

What did this to for me? Well, it was driving me crazy to be next to the woman I loved and not be able to take it further, but I feel in this time, it learnt me to appreciate the touch of a woman, being close to her and doing other, intimate, (but not overtly sexual things). It made me appreciate her so much more and took my focus off just getting her in bed and having sex.

The next time we were alone, everything went amazing! I put this down to the time we’d spent apart but every time since has been great and in fact, it’s just getting better. I now no longer have ED, I don’t feel anxious and i’ve learnt to really appreciate my partner and everything I find beautiful about her.

I want to encourage you guys to hang in there and keep going. No fap really does work. I read hundreds of posts like this and thought “That doesn’t apply to me, my situations worse, etc…” But every now and then, a post would really help me in my journey.

All I hope is that this post is useful to someone out there and encourages you to keep on this road. It is really worth it!

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by mikefunkmc