Age 28 – (ED) I get aroused from my GF smell and looks now

Ok Guys, I am Cured after 135 Days of NO PMO. I have started in December 2013 and I was able to have streaks of only 30 days because I have a GF. Relapse was always with a GF.

Back History:

I was PMOing at a early stage since I was 14 but not always because I was also fantasizing to real girls 2-3 times a week.

When I was 18 I had my first GF and I did not have problems. I would always have good erections.

Broke up at 24 and got heavy on PMO for years and then I started to realize that I had some ED when had opportunity for sex and failed !!

Went to doc and got a prescription for cialis but did not know yet what was causing the problem . At the time I was smoking so eventually i give up smoking but that was not the real issue .

From 24 to 28 (single) was PMO 2-3 times a week and thought that could not hurt anyone because I was not the only one looking at porn.

However I was wiring my brain to virtual sex and that is soo BAD!!! Porn was all I needed and I got lonely and was not going out to meet people. (Yeah SAD SHIT)

Only recently I got to know NoFAP and applied what everyone here is doing. So for me was No fap, no porn, no PMO. No nothing. Neither touching myself. My longest strakes was 30 days but I had a GF after a while I started and even tho I was afraid to tell her what my problem was, I overcome ED. I failed sex with her but some times I was using cialis ( half ) to have some confidence. However the last few session I did not use any cialis and was able to perform very well.

I get aroused from my GF smell and looks now, something I wanted from a long time. I want you guys to know that I have been doing lately some acupunture and mox sessions + I took some supplements such as Muira Puama and Siberian ginseng. I would say they may have helped me to recover faster but the real deal was the GF and the fact that I completely stopped PMO.

Hope this can help understand. Thanks to all!!

Any question would answer!! Best wishes .

LINK – Cured-Rewired with GF . 135 Days NO PMO

BY lucaineire