Age 28 – ED: Several positive changes.

I am 28 years old and I am on 104 day of NoFap, so here is my story.

Some people started fapping, because for example they were abused as child. I believe that this is my case, I was abused a child and I lived in small city, so everybody knew about the abuse. I became shy, because some kids started to use my story and to abuse me, telling the story to another kids and pointing me with finger. I remember that I stayed at home after the first 2 weeks of the abuse. For my good I have a great family and friends that stayed with me. Of course this story was like a ghost and it was following me in my high school and university years, but let’s say that I accepted the reality and the thing that nothing depended on me.

Well this is the story and fapping was the perfect solution. Watching nice women and fapping in my room, this was the place where nobody can hurt me and etc.

I mentioned that I have great family and I adopted some patterns from them, so I actually had no problems in social situations, even sometimes I was the center of the party. I tried to have sex on 21 with a girl that I was dating from one week. We were in the bed I was trying to play like a porn star, but my little friend just stayed shy. I was so hard to understand and to explain what is the problem. I tried with other girls in the next years, but the result was the same.

I believe that many people are not just addicted to porn, but there is also real reason why they prefer pixel girls instead of real girls. I think, that NoFap is great personally for me it helped me to control my desires in social situations with females. The posts here helped me to understand that there is something called intimacy, which is not just wild animal sex. In general I respect the women, but NoFap made to respect them even more. I also was rejected 2 times since last 3 months, but I was fine with this. Before NoFap I would try to prove that I have to be the chosen and to continue to chase a girl that already rejected me.

From my point of view NoFap gave me the opportunity to hit the reality and to deal with my non porn issues.

What happened since the last 104 days:

  • Strong urges in the first 2 months and changes in the mood
  • Better work results
  • I am going out in clubs, just to socialize and I don’t look for one night stands, I just want to get to know the people
  • I was a speaker on a conference ( this was one of my dreams )
  • I am more consistent and focused in the things that really matters
  • I accept the rejection easier

I am not sure, that all the results came from NoFap, but definitely I got more “space” and energy to take care about myself. I think that so far the results are combination of NoFap and mind set. Also about the sex thing, I believe that my next partner deserves my attention. I want to date a girl for sure more that 2 months, before we have sex. I think that after the 2-3 months mark you have feel real intimacy and to know who is your partner. I also will tell to my partner about my ED problem, if she can’t live with this I am fine to leave her to walk away.

I am continuing with the NoFap journey!

LINK – My 104 day report ( Sorry I am later with the 90 days report )

by labcec