Age 28 – Had a severe case of delayed ejaculation and had low sensitivity


I´m male 28. Had a severe case of delayed ejaculation and had low sensitivity. When I first joined this site, I was reading the success stories here and damn how I wished I could some day write my own one. And here it is!


My problem was that I had troubles reaching orgasm… I just didn´t feel enough and could sometimes go on for an hour or two without stopping. After doing some research this was from a combination of low sensitivity and brain not responding to dopamine or something like that.

I decided to give this no PMO challenge a go and see what happens. I remember some people told me “You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain” and “Don´t count the days, make the days count”. I kept repeating these two sentences over the last 3 months.

I improved a lot how I think about myself, how I see others and I also met a girl, who is my best friend now (too bad she is not something more), but hey, she is now my wingman and helps me a lot with everything, and I also explained my problems to her, so she also gave me a lot of advices from a girl´s side.


– No touching – During 90 day challenge, I never touched myself, only washed my penis with water. After about 2-3 weeks from when I started the challenge, I lost all libido (I guess this is normal and called a flatline or something) and I never knew if/when this was going to come back. So I bought bio MACA powder and Ginseng capsules which are known to help with that. First week nothing, I was skeptical and after 2-4 weeks of taking them, I became really really horny again, but I controlled myself.

– Oils, creams, silicons scar sheets – All the same time I was using coconut oil, to help moisture my dry glans, which I now keep covered 24/7, after completing restoration, after being cut at young age. And I also use man1 man oil here and there, and silicone scar sheets. I cycled their usage from week to week. Those are the things which helped the most.

– Healthy food – I always ate healthy anyway, but I´m sure this also helped – You are what you eat they say. Because I go to the gym anyway, I also had the chance in the middle of this period to switch from one diet (High carb, low fat) to another – keto (Low carb, high fat).


Reached day 90 today (which was my original goal, as suggested on this site). What was the result? Previously I lasted 1-2 hours, which was in my opinion a quite severe case. Well today I lasted 50 seconds and I finished! It looks like my delayed ejaculation is solved and I have nofap forum to thank for that. And I know what you might want to say – that now this is a premature ejaculation, but I can not tell you how happy I am with this condition after not being able to get there before. I know I can always improve back to some normal time.


1. I´m going for another 90 days. Should help my sensitivity to increase and help with glans dekeratinization after being circumcised. This is improving for sure, but needs more time.

2. Get a nice girlfriend.

3. And the most important – No more porn, I´m done with that crap. Before I have seen porn as something great, now I see it as evil, delusion, lies, addiction… you name it.

Any questions? I will reply to anything you ask.


LINK – 90 days hard mode complete – How this changed my life – Must read

by troyan