Age 28 – I was in a hole so deep and dark there was absolutely no glimpse of light/hope- but now it’s sunny as hell here


3 Year Anniversary and How do I feel ? That your life doesn’t end and begin as soon you turn on your computer or your phone in the morning. That you are not alone in this world. You can relate to people from any background or situation. You feel their pain and joy. You feel their souls. They know it, you know it.

But you usually hold it in, because it feels good that both of you know it. There are people everywhere. You can live and love them if you want to.

That your soul is within and outside of you. That people’s energy Is real: when you walk around a crowded area you can enter multiple worlds if you wanted to. That you can strike up a  genuine and have an amazing conversation with a grandma, a homeless person, a cute girl you just saw walk by. she’s with her mother ? Who cares ! (Her mother, as you suspect, does  indeed find you charming anyway). or a cool dude that has cool gloves on (and yes I just said gloves)

Also With trial and error you will be able to distinguish between good and bad souls, and to avoid the latter.

That challenges, success and failure is really a perspective. A perspective and narrative you control. You control and not other people, regardless of who they are. you control and determine the success, and failure in your life.

A hurricane can happen, but you know for a fact you will and can weather the storm. Why ? Because you know what your built out of and past experience has shown you there’s nothing you can’t to.

3 fucking years. Yeah I said it. 3 fucking years. I wonder how many people in this world, today’s world or in our existence has done gone three years without PMO or even let go of masturbation. You are a part of a world that only a few have experienced. (Few compared to the global population, you nimrod that was gonna troll me on that)

Plug yourself out and know this world exists. That’s when you look at a beautiful girl – you look at her details. Straight or curly hair, a freckle on her cheeks, the color of her lovely nails, or her beautiful tan that can only be compared to a Roman goddess or a beautiful shinny new penny.

I saw the sunset today. It’s the most beautifulest sunset I have ever seen. Why ? Because THAT sunset will NEVER again set like it did again in our life time, in that same location, with those clouds, with those waves you see. No other instance like that will ever occur, because … every day is a new day.

Fuck Pokemon go. Are you a walking Zombie too?! Then fuck off. Yes it’s amazing to take walks. I LOVE walks. It’s what helps me everyday. But life, the wind you feel, the sun you soak in as your body crisps to the sun, it happens and you feel it ONLY in Real life. Experience it. Don’t ignore it by chasing Pokemons.

And when it comes time to choose a girl. You choose her because of her values and not how she compares because of the sex you two have and how closely the sex resembles porn. Or how closely she looks to a magazine add. You love her because of her qualities.

Value over surface is the name of our new game here, my friends.

And that sunset I just told you about. Well I finally saw a world as how people in the 1600s did, before the printing press. Before our minds got corrupted with massive imagery. I entered into a new world of possibilities of new dimensions, new colors and shapes, as people just walked by me like any other day, like any other zombie.

Guess what ? I just traveled back in time, nofappers 😉 Maybe in time I will travel to the future … ?

You are not your Job. You are not your Apartment and you are not your fucking Likes !

Plugging in and plugging out is my super hero strength. What’s yours ?

A special shout out to Team-Badassery and everyone dropping golden nuggets here on NoFap. Thank you. I love you guys, without you I would have never gotten this far. You saved my life.

LINK – 3 Year Anniversary and How do I feel ?

by TheGreatR


365 Days (my counter is 10 days off)

If morning wood were literally true, I would have enough wood to build the tree house that I always wanted as a kid.

My family means the world to me. The world is my family. Chew on that, Socrates.

This Fight is as gratifying as the Fight itself.

Women in pixels are not for me- it belongs to all the fappers, so if you’re a fapper- have my old shares of it. I seek out real women and interactions.

Never in my life have I consistently randomly spoken, flirted, connected with more attractive women in my life than in the past year. (does NOT include: Night Clubs, Bars, fb, or online dating).

I have never been more “rejected” by attractive women in my life than in the past year.

But I have gone out with and slept with more attractive, amazing girls than in my previous fapping life… (Don’t worry, not a man-whore…yet. Number is single digits for the year)

Wet dreams are my new enemy. I hate the feeling and washing my sheets.

Have I had superpowers or women falling from the sky calling me? Yup it happened once: In my car at a stop light, a woman yelled out of her car “My friend thinks you’re really cute, she wants your number!”- Her wish was my command. Nothing happened. In hindsight I’m pretty sure they were drug addicts, homeless or both. They looked pretty sketchy.

I am starting 3 different startups. I am taking the Bar exam this July (3 day exam in CA to become an attorney). NoFap has been a huge key. In case you need an attorney dial 1800- Nofap attorney.

Re-found a great passion that was once popular in America: Reading books.

Deactivated FB, returning to a more natural form of communication/contact.

Dreams are so vivid that I remember the taste and feel of things. One dream I was crushed in an earthquake. I woke up with the taste of my saliva as warm blood in my mouth.

Speaking of wet dreams- I recently had three separate girl dreams in one night, but I stopped myself each time because I knew it was only a dream. Crazy.! Other times I have washed my sheets as a result ☹.

Cold Showers are just Showers where I get to grunt loudly like an angry wolf.

It was at day 156 when it felt that my mind, body and soul reconnected again. I literally cried that night. I hadn’t cried since my grandfather passed away 4 years ago.

I have no tolerance for mediocrity. I have realized I’m just an intolerant person against BS. My fake fapping self was weak tolerant to peoples BS. Thus I have grown to speak my mind to people and to act upon my instinct/reflection.

Before NoFap I was in a hole so deep and dark there was absolutely no glimpse of light/hope- but now it’s sunny as hell here I developed an emotional tan, no sunblock needed. NoFap must be a necessity.

NoFap is NOT about “Game” “Seduction” or “Let’s holler at them girls”. But if we had girls in our lives from the beginning, 95% of us wouldn’t have been in this mess the first place- DUH.

For “Game” “Seduction”- Don’t believe 76.53% of the stuff you read (includes reddit) unless supported by concrete evidence (actual videos from beg to end) AND their process syncs with YOU. A lot of Nofappers have it down: Be out going WITH EVERYONE/ Strong presence/ Connect with girls/tease/fun is key.

Bumping 2pac or NWA will get your game up faster. It’s still a very very very tough road to hustle- there is no easy way. Yes I said, “hustle” the market can be cruel and unyielding place- if you let it.

When the highs get highs it’s amazing as hell. When the lows are lows you feel like complete shit. Many times felt like escaping with alcohol or PMO but I’ve been quick to remind myself: This is experiencing life so enjoy it.

If there’s a will- there’s a way.

Caution: Mixing weed, drank, night clubs/bars, is a recipe for a relapse unless you are well trained to fight the urges.

I have the highest utmost respect for each of you NoFap brothers for all the love and collaboration, it’s beautiful.

I lift heavy. Eat healthy. I do martial arts. Surf. Developing businesses, becoming an attorney and consistently talk to, get rejected and date beautiful girls. NoFap was a necessity and is now a way of life for me.

My confidence will either raise me to the heights of great men or make me be seen as an arrogance of a third grader.

Will write 90 days update from now one. Since I didn’t publish my updates I promise to answer all your sincere questions (sorry if I get back to you late- bar study is a pain in the A).

LINK – 365 Days. Mount Olympus or a Small Hill?