Age 28 – Improved sleep, depressive thoughts gone, more motivation, I feel more like my old self

Hi all,

I’ve made it, the magical 90 days! I started the NoFap experience after seeing the TED Talk from Gary Wilson, and recognized a lot of the symptoms. It was an immediate wake up call. I am a 28 year old guy, started with porn at around age 15 on LAN parties, and soon used broadband internet to search on newsgroups. So I guess I was there quite early. In March this year, I stopped watching porn, and after a couple of fallbacks with edging and masturbating without porn, I totally quit PMO in June. The results? My facts & fiction list:


  • I didn’t dream for years. Now, I dream again in my sleep. A miracle!
  • My sleep in general has improved a lot. I have a lot less problems getting to sleep.
  • The last couple of years I started blushing while in conversations, something I never experienced before. Now, within a few months, the blushing is gone.
  • I have more motivation to do things; my depressive thoughts are gone. There is no ‘break’ that stops me from seeking adventure, learn new things or meet new people.
  • I feel more natural in contact with girls. The ‘fear’ is slowly diminishing.
  • I feel more and more like my old self again (say, when I was 16-17).
  • After a wet dream (happened 4 times untill now), the day after I feel a little depressed, and the two-three days after that day I feel really great.


  • I don’t feel like ‘superman’. Life has become more ‘real’, and that means good days and bad days.
  • Life isn’t amazing suddenly
  • I don’t suddenly feel like a ‘chick magnet’, and am not yet dating around and get sex like the wonder stories I sometimes read here. I think this is a work-in-progress that I need to work on.

I hope the list helps you guys to recognize the benefits for yourself. I will continue with NoFap until 123 days, and after that I’ll slowly return to some M without P and see what that does. Stay cool, and remember: it’s not about the days you’re in NoFap, but about the change you make in your life… good luck to you all!

LINK – 90 Day Report ~ Facts & Fiction

by Motivatrix