Age 28 – Medical Doctor: ED cured after years of no legit sex and years of PMO

I had porn induced erectile dysfunction since maybe 5 years and I am 28 now. I had the same girlfriend all the time. After having sex with her for one year i simply stopped. In the last 4 years we had sex maybe 10 times – with the help of viagra most of the time. You can imagine what this means to a woman… I myself had actually contempt for this situation. I thought to myself everything is working fine down there since I could masturbate to porn. This I did 1-3 times a day starting with 19 i guess. I guess i used some kind of death grip. My dick went limp seconds when i stopped touching it. I never had sex dreams or morning wood. And I think you would not believe me as long as you did not experienced it yourself: I just did not care!!! I was in a massive brain fog.

 In February 2013 two things happened:
  1. I met a new woman – my current Girlfriend and quit my relationship.
  2. I discovered by mere chance while browsing through YouTube.

I had sex with my new Girlfriend maybe 10 times all the time depending on Viagra or other stuff. Someday April i began my reboot – no porn and no masturbation anymore. I did not tell my new Girlfriend of my problems since I did not want to scare her of. I was actually very terrified that i could not have a normal sex life with her. Her Ex boyfriend was into tantra sex and she is a very sexual person.

On May the 17th it happened (DAY ZERO): I already had massive problems not only getting an erection but to ejaculate since sex did not get to me. I just did not like it and it felt alien to me. Now i not only couldn’t climax anymore but I also got limp inside my girlfriend ALTOUGH i had taken 20 mg of cialis. The next day the same happened again. Now i felt really shitty: How should this relationship work out if i had problems in this massive scale? On the drive home i thought to myself that i feel disgust (!) if my sexy (!) Girlfriend touches me.

This marks day one of my actual reboot since i told myself:

  • No porn ever! (NEVER AGAIN!)
  • No masturbation at least as long as I have a girlfriend i can have sex with.
  • No Viagra no cialis etc. anymore

Weekend One: (day 6) We have a long distance relationship so had to leave next morning being terrified the whole next week. The next weekend i drove to her and told myself that i will definitely tell her SOMETHING. I was to scared to do it the first evening but told her in the morning.

What did I do: First thing was I told my Girlfriend that i had this kind of problems before and that it is not her fault. I told her that i feel depressed because it happened again and that it maybe takes one to two month till it will work out again.  I Told her it is performance anxiety and if something like getting limp in a woman happens to a man he gets severely depressed and it doesn’t work for a long time. I had the advantage that i could perform “great” while using Viagra – which i never told her. I guess she was not worried because of that. Of course i read all the encouraging stories about how guys rebooted but this is yourself and at that time i was not so sure about whether it will work out or how long it would take.

We had a long conversation. She was very encouraging. She loves me a lot and she said we will both get over it as long as it may take.

Believe it or not: We cuddled afterwards and my penis – for the first time in years – got hard by itself. I simply forgot that i had PIED or performance anxiety and we had sex. I would not believe it if it was not me. After five years the first time legit sex without the help of Viagra. Of course I felt great. I do not know how long my actual reboot was at that time but i guess at that time my last PMO was three weeks ago. I did not climax because i chose not to. I heard that orgasm could throw you back in your reboot so i stopped before i climaxed.
The next day it again did not work which i did not care much about because i had my first succces!

The next week i for the first time since years i had morning wood. It felt great. I in total felt great about myself and felt as a newborn sex god ;-). The next weekend my girlfriend came to me and we had sex again at Friday evening again not climaxing. The next morning i guess flatline started. Sex did not work. I could not get an erection and I got mildly depressed. That is why i thought about taking antidepressants and asked about it here:

Thank god i felt better naturally and although i did not have morning wood or sex dreams anymore – i guess i was in flatline – wanted to try rebooting since i read that it also helps with depression resp. flatline depression goes away when flatline goes away.

The next week I met my ex-girlfriend. I told her everything about my condition since i felt obliged to do so. She suffered a lot in the last years. I wrote about it here:

Last weekend (day 28) my girlfriend came to me. I was still in flatline but i thought we could have sex maybe once since it worked out fine the last weekends. But NOTHING happened. Initially my dick got hard just by smelling my sexy and sweaty girlfriend. When we went to bed and things started to get serious it again did not work. I wasn’t feeling to depressed since i thought to myself that i am in flatline and since i had first success it will get better. I still talked again to my girlfriend and told her about how it feels for a man not to get an erection. We maybe talked for an hour and then the magic happened: Again, my penis got hard and we had sex. This time not only one time but two times this evening and my erection quality was great. I could easily get up and close the window, get back to her and continue having sex.
The next day we again had sex three times. The best thing is: Yesterday she also blew me and I climaxed. The next morning I felt like all my energy is gone. I felt so great collecting all this sexual energy for 28 days while not climaxing and now it is all gone. But thank god: I again was able to have sex with my girlfriend! We went to the forest in the afternoon and you can probably guess what happened there….

Today: I do not feel that i am completely healed. I think I made GREAT progress but i still feel that i am not back to normal. I may hit flatline again but now i am SURE that this all is curable 110 %!!!!!

Other good stuff:

  1. My skin got better.
  2. My mood got better. I am more interested in the well-being of others and less egoistic.
  3. I wake up early and my girlfriend and my best friend asked me: “ho come that you are NEVER tired?” This opened my eyes: I do have a lot more energy. I am full !!! of power 😉

What worked for me?

  1. No Porn!
  2. No Masturbation!
  3. No orgasm! I told my Girlfriend that i feel much better when  i do not orgasm and that i will not climax the next weeks.
  4. Sports and a healthy diet because this helps you with your overall well-being. 
  5. praying. I believe in god and he helped me a lot. Also the alcoholics anonymous believe that a higher force will help them with their addiction.
  6. If you have a Partner tell her SOMETHING! It takes the pressure of you and she feels better.
  7. Also tell your ex-partners if she suffered, as my ex-GF. (I had massive feelings of guilt).
  8. I also told my mother and my sister. After three weeks reboot i just did’nt care much i guess. This helped me accepting my condition.
  9. Stay on this forum. Ask questions and help others!

That’s it! I will continue my journey and keep you updated.

To all of you who are where I started (I was practically impotent!!): Rebooting works 110%. Just give yourself a little time. Some take longer but YOU WILL HEAL!! I did not believe it myself a long time.

LINK – Recoverd after years of no legit sex and years of PMO

by micheal28

June 16th, 2013



Your Doctor and Porn induced erectile dysfunction – PIED

I am a doctor myself (although a young one). I come from a family of doctors and of course I know a lot of other doctors due to my work.

I do not know any urologists and psychiatrists but for all the other non sex-specific educated doctors I can assure you:

At least in the country where I am from (Western Europe) we do not have a clue about this PIED: We do not know ABOUT this Problem and we do not know HOW to fix it (The cure is a reboot!). This severe medical condition seems to fly under the radar of “normal” doctors.

I myself have PIED since 7 years! (i will write my story shortly). I got to know about this problem by watching a YouTube video and then stumbled upon which literally opened my eyes. I can’t thank Gary enough for this page!

Why am I telling you this?

1. Do not blame yourself for your condition. When even doctors do not know about this problem how should you?
2. You have to diagnose yourself. Read up the symptoms  if they match: start a reboot. 3. If possible spread the word!