Age 28 – More present, alert & creative. Sharper focus & memory. Depression/anxiety nonexistent. Greater motivation & energy. Love my gf even more


First of all I wanna say that thanks to others who posted on this forum, for the motivation and information that kept me going. Big thanks to the community. For people who starting/relapsing, Just so you know this is my first time/streak ever, I have never knew or heard or done nopmo/NoFap before in my life and I have a Gf, and this is really my first try, and if I can do it, you can also! Anyways I will tell more how i got here and give tips at end of this post.

Before anything else I want tell you that I went through at last 55 days of Red HELL. Before I got here. SO you know it wasn’t easy at all. Anyway let’s start:

My story:

I m 28years old, and been probably doing this bad habit since 14. and things got serious last 2 years when the habit become full time addiction, at mid of 2016 I started experiencing weird things happening to me. (That I never experienced in my life ever)

-I was losing my motivation to things I loved to do (i thought I’m becoming old)
-I was becoming weak, panicky and paranoid
-No willpower
-Memory like 90year old man.
-Depressed for no reasons
-Brain foggy most of time
-Difficult to concentrate
-I didn’t know who the fk I was anymore..Totally lost when i looked in mirror.
-Insomnia (couldn’t sleep no matter what i was becoming crazy (Almost))
-Social anxiety (couldn’t look at people or didn’t wanna be around people)
-Loneliness (Even tho I have gf.)
-No appetite
-No energy to do anything
-No motivation
-Music wasn’t anymore sounding good
-No emotions
-Mood swings

At this time all of this symptoms become stronger and stronger, it become real and it made me so weak, and I was so scared I didn’t know what was happening to me because I’m really fit person, I eat very healthy, and I’m very productive also, and I exercise regularly, so i was very upset, cause I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, I’m healthy as possible u can get, (So I knew there’s something wrong and I needed to do more research)

I went to psychiatrist doctor and they said this is depression/anxiety symptoms, so they wrote depression medicine to me.(which i didn’t took cause I knew side effects so I was like fk it I rather go crazy then use this shit (cause I knew depression is mostly due chemical imbalance in the brain it’s not disease) so I had to do more research!

Anyway I was like what the fuck? How I can be depressed when my life has been full joy and I have never had trauma and my family really good with me and everything is really good in my life, so it’s impossible its caused by something from my past, so I knew there still was something that I didn’t knew, so I continued my research, for many weeks I made sure my diet is right, and I exercise and so on, but still something was not right, and then at some point I come to cross this NoFap experience. And that was only thing I knew it couldn’t be doing I saw people here had some symptoms as me.

So as for me this was huge huge found for me which I actually never knew about and never even knew porn and masturbation can cause all this damage. And this stupid habit was with me since young ages with no bad intention it was just a normal thing at the times when we were young. And it grew with me.

And till this day never anyone told me about how it can change the brain and drain all the energy and motivation/drive from a man. However thank god i didn’t found this at age 40, and i did now.

My BENEFITS/Improvements After 60Days:

– HUGE increase in willpower (No more slave to my dick) (I can resist whatever i want)
– More alert/aware (mind clarity)
– Easier to concentrate
– Easier to talk
– Sharper memory
– No brain fog
– Mood more stable
– Better sleep
– Can focus much better (before my mind always went somewhere else)
– More present
– Better person, for my friends, family, girlfriend
– My posture improved a lot, I feel I walk more straight and taller.
– Eyes brighter, I can see somewhat better also
– Skin is brighter
– More creative
– Depression/anxiety nonexistent (without any medicine)
– Can enjoy food and music
– Motivation a lot more
– Energy a lot more
– Starting to enjoy gym even more now
– I can lift 50kg from bench now, before not even 20kg (haha)
– I start to love my self much more, i can look in mirror without any shame
– I can look in other ppl eyes with no shame. And easy
– Social anxiety? haha I can now talk to people for hours if i want to (suddenly so much to talk about)?
– More calm (used to be very angry for no reasons)
– I no longer look at girls like materials, I just admire their beauty (no more dirt in the mind)
– I love my gf even more now.
– Overall better human being and stronger man.

And honestly I think this is beginning for me still, probably some of the symptoms may change like they come and go, but one thing I’m sure that no matter what , they will get better eventually, and i can see more crazy improvements coming and life just getting more beautiful!

As Being depressed and living with the shitty symptoms, you will appreciate this feeling more than ever, so for people who depressed and tired, trust me u will be much stronger than the ones who are not, because u will appreciate this beautiful feeling like none else out there. And once u feel it u won’t give up on it, so just stay strong and push, no matter what!

Tips How to deal with the tough days and how to make it through (flatline):

You need to have HUGE reason (GOAL) you must have one! Because your willpower alone at this stage is really weak might won’t be enough. Remember this part is the real test part of the journey; this will test you to your cores. And if you can abstain like a man, the end is glorious.

Ask yourself: DO YOU WANNA?: Enjoy everything? Nature? Food? Music? Becoming smarter? Looking better? Being successful? Loving yourself more? Becoming successful? More willpower? Master of your own mind? To be what you are supposed to be?

And if your answer is YES, then no matter how shitty you will feel and how hard through HELL you gonna go, just remind yourself of the benefits and the rewards, and you gonna come out on the other side as brand new person, Just Push through my friends! And good stuff will happen eventually.

My Personal tips to survive:

-No alcohol
-No smoking
-No drugs
-Install ad blocks to avoid this stupid triggering ADS. (highly recommended)
-Take vitamins, omega3, d3, C, ZINC(one of the most important ones) we have lots of it a lot.
-Healthy diet is a MUST, no sugar, no junk food, if you don’t know how to eat (then this is your first problem ( go research and see how to eat healthy)
-Get good sleep ( No matter what u need to do, do anything to improve this)
-GYM (IS MUST if u wanna survive)
-WALK outside
-Meet friends
-Stay with people (to avoid loneliness)
-Depressive days are hardest, but try to go for run in gym( or long walk)
-No edging (not even little half naked pic, even if u saw it , avoid it immediately.) will make ur reboot faster (weaken the old connections)
-Avoid social media (insta, fb, etc this places contain too much triggers)
-Watch motivational videos
-Read or watch how you can improve yourself
-If you have problems then go and read/research how u can fix them
-Read books possibly, stay far from computer/phone if you can (mostly just try avoid things that might want make u go back to ur old habit.

There was days when I counted hours just to make it to the next day, it’s difficult but it’s worth it, this drug in your system and you need to fix this and handle it like a man, ride it like a hero. Remember NO PAIN NO GAIN! and Lastly I wanna say


This is the beginning for me also; all I can say is stay strong brothers. I hope at least I motivated some of you, we all deserve to be happy and the best of ourselves. Take this journey and trust it, you will have no regrets. My plan is focus on myself and my dream. If I can do it, you can also!


LINK – My Story – DAY 60 (Hard Mode) How I made it including really good tips.

BY – Alan777