Age 28 – My life has improved so much: the best thing I’ve done in the past 15 years

I’ve been doing PMO for almost 15 years, accidentally started NoFap when preparing for an exam, because I knew abstaining from PMO gave me more mental sharpness. When I started noticing other effects I remembered visiting NoFap once and decided to take up the challenge. Hit 90 days this week, I’ll summarize some of the things I’ve experienced:

Social Less anxiety, people respond more positively to me, not every social interaction is an ordeal anymore (this is great)

Physical Lower voice, better muscle definition, more strength and stamina, skin tone, eyes look brighter and more ‘open’, someone actually thought I stopped wearing glasses even though I was still wearing them.

Girls Girls show more interest, this rarely happened before. Even some girl who used to ignore me completely now gets all flirty and shy around me (wtf).

Mental More mental sharpness, I already knew this before but it really helps me get through schoolwork much easier. I don’t have to re-read every page in a book to understand what it says.

Urges The urges can be terrible, especially in the first 30 days. My best coping strategy was to come here and read NoFap posts and then they would usually subside (especially the relapse regret posts help with this, learn from someone else’s mistakes)

I’ve experienced quite a bit of flatlines and still do, but it does seem to get better every time. I’m planning on abstaining for at least another 90 days because I really need this to perform in school.

I can honestly say NoFap is the best thing I’ve done in the past 15 years (basically since I discovered fap), it has improved my life so much. I finally realize life doesn’t have to be something you suffer through when you’re an adult, you can enjoy it as well.

Thank you so much for this community, if it weren’t for you guys I would probably be fapping my misery away again. I don’t know if I’ll ever fap again but I do know I will never look at P again, that stuff is brain poison to me and it solves absolutely nothing.

I wish everyone who wants to try this good luck, it is has been definitely worth it for me. I’ll try to check in again in 90 days.

LINK – 90 days hardmode

by wasabi001


UPDATE – 180 day check-in

Just a short check-in, passed 180 days this week, feel good. NoFap is no magic cure-all, but I feel much better and perform better in school, so I don’t think I will ever go back to fap. I don’t want to waste my energy anymore and don’t miss it at all. People also seem to respond more positively to me, which makes life a lot better 🙂

If you’re struggling with NoFap especially the first 50-60 days, keep trying, it will get better! My best strategy has always been to stay busy.

Good luck to you guys, I’ll check in again at 365 days.