Age 28 – Successful reboot: severe erectile dysfunction & social anxiety

Well a little bit about me. I am a 28 year old man. I have been hooked on porn and masturbation since the age of 16. As I was watching porn, I developed the habit of masturbating to it. I was so pathetic. Each time, after I masturbated I had some dizziness, weaknesses. Overall I felt so stupid. I was skinny, couldn’t think straight. Had some forgetfulness.

I was so hooked, I could masturbate 5 to 6 times a day, until my balls hurt. The worst of all was  my inability to be aroused by my girlfriends. I lost so many girls because of that. At that point I was so stressed out. Yep like many of us. I found YBOP like a year ago. I have been trying to reboot several times, but I would have a setback all the time.

Now, DEC 2012, I fell in love with my fiancee. When I found her, we both knew we were made for each other. I was so anxious and thinking of my ability to perform and satisfy her. Early in our relationship,  I would sleep with her, and let her think it is too early for both of us to have sex. I was stressed from my past.

She was amazingly patient I started rebooting. I stopped porn and masturbation at the same time. My ED was so bad. I was anxious and could still get it up to the porn after I masturbated. But she was patient. I went through some flatline. Then, when I started noticing some morning wood I tried to have sex but that was a failure. I failed twice. But within 30 days I started noticing some erection while kissing her.

Then I tried sex and it was amazing.. we have now  a beautiful sex life. She is pregnant and my life has turned around thanks to God who inspired Gary.

Guys this works. Don’t give up. Don’t masturbate or watch porn. There is nothing like healthy masturbation guys. I am getting married and now have no doubt about being able to perform.

LINK – successful reboot of a man with severe erectile dysfunction and social anxiety

by succesful2013