Age 28 – You will get your manhood back. I was a very needy guy. Now, I am not.

Superpowers are real or not? I am a bit sure, they are. Because we porn addicts in the past missed a lot of fun in the world, so now we want real fun and the dopamine spike we want makes us work hard, play hard, enjoy hard and get real women.

Superpowers are real.

Not only that, the truth is fapping is the first mistake to success. We didn’t even wanted it ? Did we.

Yes, none of us wanted a life, it was a pure mistake.

Guess what. I’ve been trying nofap for many years. This is the longest and the most confident streak I have gone for and seems like I am not going back at all. I will still not be over confident.

Listen, don’t hate yourself.

You will get your manhood back. Do what the guys say here. It’s all true. Read my posts. I was a very needy guy. Now, I am not.

I am saying again, don’t hate yourself. You didn’t do a mistake on your own. It was an addiction you got into in innocence. You will get out of it and feel like a real Prince and forever happiness. Have hope

Edit : 83 day on hardmode and I’m a good human I think :’)

LINK – I have to tell the truth .

by successfulhuman


UPDATE – 90 days hardmode

Period. I’m happy. I’ve become more like a happy monster. Give me a second free and I’m ready to fuck ROFL. But I am not doing that. I am still finding a girl friend. Because I’m very bad ass shy guy.

Other than that . I have no pmo or fap addiction at all. Just feeling horny once in a blue moon but even then I don’t think of women as objects. This shows I’m a true winner. 🙂


UPDATE 2 – 108 days report.

I cannot explain if you spend each second improving your life. It just gets better:

A- Your looks (Natural Ways)

B- Your Health (Natural Ways)

C- Education (Anyway)

D- Your vision of life (Visualizations on daily basis)

E- Consistency even in very small things

F- Routines

G- Social Awkwardness

H- Small goals like (Even making someone smile by just telling how beautiful they are or how good they are)

I- A clean mind

J- Only positive thinking

K- Handling of negative situations

L- MUCH MORE AND MORE. I can’t list it.

The benefits are just not limited. Respects, Happiness , I didn’t even list those.