Age 29 – 170 days: ED not completely healed, but confidence skyrocketed

Hi, I’m a male, 29 year old. Started masturbating at the mature age of 15, and to net porn two years later. Around half a year ago I started doing NoFap. Why? Because of ED. Since I started having sex at 19. As soon as I saw the YBOP videos and the Ted Talk I thought I had found a solution to my problem. I got incredibly horny at day 10 and that lasted for about 10 days. From day 20 to day 120 my libido was swinging a lot, from being close to zero and to the point where I’ve almost ejaculated by the thought of sex.

I fantasized a lot, but never looked at porn, although I read the “very badly written but seriously hot when not masturbating” book Fifty shades of Grey. I have honestly never in my life been as horny as when I read that book.

I never even came close to masturbating. It was not an option. The urges forced me to start interacting more with girls and I started looking at /r/seduction. That’s a fantastic subreddit by the way. My confidence started to increase, and other people commented on that. I felt like a man which eventually led to sex. I met a nice girl that lives close, told her the third time we spoke that I found her attractive and that I wanted to kiss her, which I did. Before we had sex I told her I wanted us to be fuck-friends and she agreed to it. So to the sex part.

I couldn’t get it up. What?? I was so surprised. The thought of me still having ED problems had honestly not crossed my mind. I had completely removed that option out of my mind. But it was reality. I met the girl at around day 120 and we are still having sex. My dick is getting better at it, but it still never gets 100% hard and sometimes I’m not able to finish because of it getting soft. In the beginning I was very disappointed but I’ve accepted it since, and the sex is actually pretty great. But that’s life. So I guess porn wasn’t the problem for me. Oh well. It was a fun experiment. And actually I still haven’t masturbated but it is a thousand times easier when you can have sex whenever you want.

So to conclude: ED didn’t go away but my confidence has skyrocketed. Whether that is because of not masturbating or reading /r/seduction or something else, I don’t know. But it’s nice. The girl says I’m very honest and direct and she likes that. She says I’m a real man. Fuck yeah.

Note: I’m a little tired and not a native English speaker so go easy on me.

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by dveppt